Another great weekend

Last friday was the preview of the musical "Oliver!" in which my 15 year old brother has one of the leading roles. I was a bit nervous but he did so well, I was really impressed. He sang, danced and acted like he'd never done anything else.

On saturday me and my bf went to my parents house to change the tires on my car. It was about time, as it had snowed quite a bit on friday. On our way back we dropped of my actor brother for his premiere (he's the one in the top hat, image from KUF) and then headed on to prepare for our evening plans, the dance gala!

We had so much fun, although we don't actually know the steps (for foxtrot) we made up our own and managed to get around the floor without crushing each others feet or anyone elses for that matter. It was great, I usually end up feeling kinda depressed and out of place every time I go out to clubs or events such as this one, (or my works x-mas party) but this time was different. I'm starting to believe that I could go anywhere with my boyfriend and enjoy it, because he's there. I'm so glad we ended up together!

This weekend was also what many call Halloween, but personally I'm a bit bothered that the rest of the world want to copy the americans and cannot stick to our own traditions. Because we do have our own holiday on the 31st of october, the all saint day, when the tradition has been to visit loved ones and relatives graves and light candles on them. But nope, I guess the younger people who perhaps dont have any graves to visit prefer to use any excuse to party...

About five years ago I did however go to a Halloween party, here pictured with my roomate at the time, who was pretty hot in that bin-liner...Wow, crazy how fast time passes. I cannot believe it 's been five years. Mad.

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