Keep packing

Not much time for blogging this week and the next, as the move keeps getting closer. Most of my stuff is now in boxes and the flat is looking pretty bare. Oh well. On monday I go get our keys...and then the drivin back and forth starts. I plan to have moved my plants and a few bags of stuff before the furniture finally goes next weekend. While I'm busy moving I'll leave you with a few screenshots from the film "How to marry a millionaire" so you can check out all the fur, hats, gloves and so on they're wearing. Worth watching for the fashion alone! Have a great weekend!


Shoes = happiness?

I just bought 3 pairs of really pretty hush puppies shoes, normally priced at 99-119 euros each. I paid 25,50 altogether, and these are brand new. Working in a supermarket has it's advantages...! I got two of these, one black and one red pair, as well as a different model which I'll have to photograph later.
You cannot even imagine how happy this makes me, as finding shoes small enough for my tiny feet can be pretty hard. Lucky for me, these shoes were all small for their sizes, so a 36 actually fit me!

Anyway, I'll have to get going, my bf is taking me skiing over the weekend, and dancing, and to a place considered to be sauna land. Hope you have a nice weekend too!


Furry stuff

I did another attempt at pin-curling this weekend, and it turned out quite okay.

After using more hairspray on the curls than ever before in my life, I wore my leopard patterned ear muffs and headed into town...

And found a gorgeous leopard patterned scarf! Obsessed? Who?

I also found a lovely coat in one charity shop, but at the moment it's under a few heavy books as I'm trying to get out some stubborn creases...

This gray cardigan that I also bought is actually a size 128. Kids size. But do I care? Of course not when it looks this good!

And here's my latest creation, a fur stole! It's lovely and warm and soft and furry...Practical and glamorous all in one!

Today me and my man signed the contract for the flat we saw earlier. I'm soo exited, I even packed the first box of stuff for the move! Only a couple of weeks of only seeing each other on weekends to go...


March 2, 2009

Today me and my man have been together for 1 whole year, and what a great year it's been! Lot's of little trips together, eating out, dancing, winter bathing...And soon we'll be living together! Things are looking good. :)

On saturday I found some pretty nice stuff at the charity shop and the flea market I went to, but you'll just have to wait til I get time to take some pictures before I'll tell you what. Have a nice monday!