Got my bags packed

My recently purchased second-hand suitcase is packed, I've got my pin-culrs in and a WWII inspired oufit waiting to be worn. I'm going away for an other cultural caravan weekend, my brother is starring in "The lion, the witch and the wardrobe" at the theatre (set during WWII, hence the outfit) tonight and tomorrow we'll be shopping and in the evening I'll be trying out my new dancing shoes! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


New hair

Despite being very happy about my hair last weekend, I've gone and cut half of it off! The main reason being that I hadn't had it cut since...I can't even remember! So when mum came over last week I asked her to cut a bit of the back...and the 3 following hours I spent cutting the rest. And about an hour the next day...I don't know if I can really recommend cutting your own hair. It's difficult and time consuming and difficult.

I went for a slightly modified middy plus, with slightly longer top hair, so that I can get it behind my ears. I don't know if I did it right, but at first it looked awful and choppy (hence the second day of fixing). Now it looks okay even when not curled. But I feel like a boy when it's straight, and it's not even that short!

This is second day hair, so I've slept on the curls one night. When styled like this it looks more 50's I think, but I've got lot's and lot's more experimenting to do!

Anyway, it'll all grow back before I know it.


Kitten does blues festival

So I couldn't pass up the chance to listen to some blues and rockabilly music so close to home, so I dressed up and did my hair and convinced a friend to join me. My hair;

My outfit;

My brand new shoes; (from Anttila)

While I waited for my friend to pick me up, I quickly looked up the basic step for jive on youtube, just to sort of get a feel for the rhythm of it. We were among the first 5 people to hit the dance floor, both my friend and I enjoy dancing and just could not sit still. All the bands were really good so there was a lot of dancing going on. We had a great time, but, I'm still too shy to go up and talk to strangers, so even if there were a few people with rockabilly style there, I didn't make any new friends.

However, at the end of the night this guy (normally dressed) comes up to me and starts talking. He asks if I take dance classes and if I have a dance partner and all sorts, turns out he's a dance teacher at the local dance club, which I didn't know existed. Apparently my dancing was so bad that he thinks I should learn to do it properly, ha ha. No seriously, he had noticed my attempt at jiving (I guess no-one else was jiving) and saw some kind of potential. So he invited Mr Kitten and me to come and learn to really dance (all the dances you see in Let's Dance/Dancing with the stars/Strictly come dancing on tv) and maybe, possibly compete at some point...(!)

So I'm going a bit crazy at the moment. Was he serious? Had he had to much to drink? Did he realize that we are complete beginners? But...he did say he prefers teaching people who don't know anything but has the will to learn...? So. I don't know. I'd love to learn, Let's Dance is the only thing I really watch on tv, so why not? I have no idea what will come out of this, if anything at all...Just have to wait and see!



I think I might attend this little festival on saturday. Anybody else going?

Last weekend was pretty nice, we did go dancing and slept in the caravan, where the heating worked just fine I might add! Yesterday was also dancing, we learned the basics of the waltz. Quite fun although I did have some trouble to begin with...Hope everyone is having a nice weekend whatever you are doing!


From a tent to dress

Last week I spent a lot of time transforming this tent-like dress;

Into this;

It was a bit of a pain, and took a lot longer than expected but, I got there in the end. Phew!



Before Mr Kitten and I head out for a dancing/caravan weekend I thought I'd share with you some of my favourites from the knitting book I thrifted not long ago.

The cardigan I'm making (eventually?) is a mix of some really basic pattern that I thought too boring to show here, hah. Now I just need to pull myself together and continue knitting before it's too warm outside to even wear anything knitted...


2 vintage bags for 2 euros

Yesterday was my lucky day. I stopped by a charity shop on my way home from work and found these two beauties in a pile of random handbags in a corner under a clothes rack, hidden away from most shoppers. But not me, no, I dig. Sometimes that means I find something really good, most of the time it means Mr Kitten is somewhere getting tired of waiting for his crazy girlfriend...

Speaking of Mr Kitten, today it's been two years since we got together! *puss!*