Low budget month

This has been quite a tough month finanicially, as I've been trying to save up some money. The reason for this is that my boyfriend and I are going to Mallorca in july! Yey, my first southern trip and my first "real" holiday! So I've tried to resist going to fleamarkets and the like, even though I can't say that I usually spend much money there...

Of course, this had to be the same month that a haircut could no longer be put off (last time I went to the hair dresser was in december) and the month that my car battery died, the car had it's yearly MOT and had to be fixed and so on. Instead of buying new (second hand) stuff I've been trying to sew a bit more this month, and alter things I've bought earlier. Or that was the plan. When my boyfriend suggested we spend a saturday morning at the fleamarket, how could I resist?

I had seen this jeans top in the shops about 4 years ago, but thought it was too expensive. It wasn't anymore!

This cropped winter jacket had a bit of a 50's feel to it, so I got it. Feels a bit silly as I won't be able to use it for a few months but hey, it was only 3 euros.

I'm still working on the project from my last post, as well as another big project; I'm making myself a dress form, DIY-style. Find out how to do it here. Right, now I'm gonna try and work up some inspiration to do some sewing.



Last week I decided to check out this charity shop that in the past has had 99% poor quality, washed out stuff and possibly some jewels if you have enough patience. This jacket caught my eye because of the pretty detail on the collar and pockets. It looked home made - but had a tag saying "38". Then perhaps, it was just very old. So I tried it on.

The shoulder pads had been taken out, but the shape was still visible. It was starting to look pretty 40's...But 38 is one size too big for me, however, this baby has no lining. Hooray for me, as this means I can easily alter it to fit me perfectly!

It's gonna take some work though. Only 2 out of 4 buttons were still in the jacket, the sleeves were a bit short, shoulderpads gone and so on, and the skirt was meant for somebody with waay bigger hips. But still. If I can make it work. If not, all I have lost is 3 euros and some time. Wish me luck!


Shoes and hats and dresses

I was trilled to find these size 35 sandals in citymarket on a a day with -30% off all shoes. Size 35 with high heels seems to be pretty rare in this part of the country...(Sorry I keep going on about my tiny feet.)

Of course I had to take a look in the childrens section too, and there I found these pretty checked ballerinas, also minus 30 %, and comfy!

The hat I bought yesterday at a flea market, it seems I have started a bit of a hat collection, so far all black?! Oh well, I guess they'll match all of my black shoes then...

I finally finished the "Stop Staring" inspired dress! And I made my first somewhat succesful fake fringe, which wouldn't pass any closer inspection but still, it was fun to do! In the picture I'm also wearing the third pair of hush puppies (that I got at -90%) but I don't think they really look that good with this dress - I only wore them as they are my only pair of gray shoes. Perhaps I shall do another shoot when I team the dress with all black accessories? At least I know I've got a lot of shoes, hats, handbags etc in that colour...


Yellow and red

Working seven days in a row is not particularly fun, especially when it's the evening shift and I have to start getting ready for work at about 11.45 in the morning. Not much time to do your own thing. But, once it's saturday I get four days off in a row! Followed by another eight days straigt of work. I can't say that I'm liking this whole "open shops on sunday" thing. Although I wouldn't mind it - as long as I didn't have to work...

Here's the rest of the stuff I bought in Vasa. The checked red and white skirt cannot wait for the weather to get warmer, and neither can I.

I could not resist this mustard coloured jacket, and it was the biggest gamble of all my purchases I think. It just fit me so well. Just like the red, the blue, the beige and the brown jackets that are very, very similar to this one. Ehem, adding colour to my wardrobe will have to be my excuse.

This dark red skirt also fit me very well, and I really liked the fact that it got a little bit wider starting from just above the knee. Oh, summer, come soon! I've got so many nice things to wear when it gets warm...