Happy Holidays!

Whatever you may celebrate, I hope you have a nice break from work/study or whatever keeps you busy. I'll be at work for 5 hours tomorrow and then head off to see family and spend my christmas with the ones close to me. Perhaps I'll wear my hair like this?

If it's not too cold I'll also wear my new knitted gloves, but I doubt I'll wear the stocking I found at a fleamarket a while back, they were a bit too big and long.

By the way, I won a digital SLR in an online action last week for roughly 240 €. It should have been posted to me this morning, I'm very excited and I hope I get it before the trip to milan! I leave you now with a christmassy pin-up and wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!


Change of plans

Guess where this kitten will be spending new years eve? In Milan! My bf has a long holiday over x-mas and he wanted to go somewhere...So we're taking a ryanair flight over to Milan for a (very) short stay. I'm so excited!

The camera I wanted was unfortunately sold, so now, unless another one for as good a price shows up, I'll be putting my monies towards the trip. Can't have it all!

Right, now I need to get ready for work again. This week is not that great, work from 13 to 21 every day? I have no time to do my own thing! Well, it'll be over soon. Right?



I went to the optician today and had my eyes checked. The lady recommended I get weaker lenses since the ones I have now are almost to strong and strain my eyes. And I'll use pretty much any excuse to get rid of my 3 year old mousy brown frames. They just feel so old and not me anymore. Here's me in my old glasses, new vintage hat and a stronger makeup then what I usually wear:And then some frames I tried on in the store. Which ones suit me best?

The statement black and stripy ones which feel too strongly coloured for my face?

Black & silver?

Very thin and mousy purple?

Dark metallic red?

Or the crazy, but fun, dark metallic top half, purpley gray lower half with the weird sides? Or none of the above? I was looking for some with a bit more vintage feeling but what is in fashion now as all wide and chunky in strong colours, like the black frames which just feels too much on somebody petite like me...


Coveting cameras

Last week I got some tax money back from the government, which of course got me thinking of all the things I want to spend it on after I've paid some bills, had my eyes checked and my hair cut and so on. If there's any left...

First of all, I've been longing for a new camera since...well since I bought my last one and discovered how bad it actually was, especially when the lighting is poor. It's an old 4 megapixel canon powershot that I've had for about 3 years now, and I'm getting sick of it. So I've been searching the internet for something better, that I could still afford. But better means more expensive, so today I headed to one of those auction sites and guess what - canon 350D's and similar for around 200 euro starting price...That is, used digital slr's which I could afford! I think I'm gonna sign up and hope the bidding doesn't go too high.

What I also wouldn't mind owning are some of these retro inspired dress from H&M. But I just cannot justify spending 30 euros on something that I won't wear more than a couple of times...so I'll just have to use these as inspiration and make my own.

In fact, I am working on a dress at them moment, but I was a bit over optimistic and cut it a bit too tight over the hips...and this fabric does not stretch. That's what happens when you challenge yourself with buying a second hand piece of fabric cut to a certained size. So I'm working on a solution, perhaps a thin strip of fabric at the back? We'll see.

Another think I could start saving up for is some travelling. If I put a bit of money away every month, perhaps there would be enough for a holiday after a while? Too bad i only get 2 weeks off this summer. Oh, well. Got to get through today first.


Dressing gowns and hairdo's

Last week I found theese two dressing gowns at the fleamarket. I was pretty happy as I've look at dressing gowns before but never found any nice one that would fit me and my taste. But when it rains it pours, two in one go, both in colours I feel at home in. Even matches my pyjama bottoms!

And check out my hair! I played around with my home-made hair rat again...

As I was in my neigbouring town touring my favourite fleamarket, I couldn't help but to stop by H&M as well. Pleased with myself for only buying 3 items, all on sale, I walked out of the store only to realise that I had completely forgotten about the second floor...Which was where all the goodies were, the 50's inspired dresses, the fake fur jackets and the polka dot umbrellas. None of which I can really afford or justify buying. Because I don't really need a 30 euro dress that I will only try on in front of my mirror at home...Dreaming continues.

This is the top I did buy, to go with any waist high skirts I might decide to wear. The jeans cost me 2 € at the fleamarket, as new.

Below my failed pin-curl attempt from the other day. I took the pins out to soon, so it didn't stay curly for long. Great patience, huh?

And finally, as requested, the back of my leopard print dress. Happy december!