Summer is finally here

Ah, warm weather, finally! I've been out and enjoying it almost every day, going to the beach, sitting on the balcony and shopping(!). I've got tons of stuff to put on the blog, but haven't felt like staying at home and taking pictures when the weather was so good. So here's some stuff I've had for a few weeks already...

Cute shirt in an unusual colour in my wardrobe; green!

A cardigan that button up all the way, in a childrens size (140), which cost me 1 euro. I've been looking for this type of garment for ages, and I'll keep on looking as this one was a bit on the smaller side. (I'm 161 cm tall so 140 is a bit tight) I'm also wearing my new ballerinas, which I got in the sales for merely 3 euros. The trousers have appeared here before...

Now this was pretty exiting to find as well, a boned corset thingy with a hidden zipper on the side. The colour was so lovely, it's a lot more dark red-ish in reality, in a nice shiny material.

A real bargain; nightie and dressing gown for 2 euros. The don't actually belong together, and the nightie is a bit big, but they're just so pretty. I wouldn't even know where to look to get this type of items in a modern version, and I bet I would be paying a lot more than 1 euro/ piece.

Today it's only a week left until our trip to mallorca, I'm getting really excited and planning outfits in my head, wondering how my houseplants will survive and so on. I cannot wait!


Lucky girl

Midsummers eve was spent with my dear boyfriend at the airshow in Kauhava. We saw a lot of airplanes, some bands and...the Rocket Man!

On sunday I had to work, but when I got home, my boyfriend had a surprise for me. He gave me a rose and a piece of paper. The paper had a written clue on it, which led me to the coffee maker, where I found the next clue and on it went around the house. The last clue said to call my boyfriends number, so I did. And what happens? A phone started ringing with my boyfriend singing happy birthday as a ringtone! My new phone, that was. My new Nokia N80. Or second hand, but hey, I'm very into second hand you know...

This is what it looks like. Image from here. The reason for this present was of course my birthday on thursday, but as we'll be working different shift then I got my present already. It's got a 3 megapixel camera in it which was the main reason for the choice of model, and this means that I will be able to take pictures of things I see at charity shops etc. I'm very happy. I've got such a great boyfriend! *puss*

And now, let me show you my first ever vintage dress find! A home made (as far as I can tell) 50's dress with a little matching jacket! It cost me 5 euros and has a few minor faults, and it was made for someone with a bit more breasts than I'm equipped with (I'm using a safety pin in the picture for better fit). But I'll give it a go and see if I can alter it to fit me. Wohoo, finally some vintage clothes are starting to appear in the shops around here! I do hope things continue like this. The shoes I'm wearing are some 3 euro ballerinas from the the sales at the supermarket I work at, and I got a pair in red as well. My vintage inspired wardrobe keeps on growing and I like it!


Happy midsummer!

Tomorrow me and my boyfriend are going to the Midnight Sun Airshow at Finnish Air Force Airbase in Kauhava. We'll see some airplane acrobatics, listen to some bands, maybe some dancing, and celebrate the longest (lightest) day of the year. Looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend everybody!


Something for summer?

Now here's an outfit I can see myself wearing a lot this summer ( if it ever gets warm). The top is from a charity shop in Vasa and the capris a bit closer to home. They had been taken in and shortened by the previous owner, and needed some adjusting. Luckily, the time it takes me to get around to doing this kind of asjustments has shortened a lot in the last few years. Lucky, as I've found un-adjusted clothes from years back which will suit my style much better today than they would have, however altered, back then.

For some reason I've actually found up to five or six pairs of vintage gloves in this area, where other types of vintage clothing is so rare. Here's yet another pair, for 50 cents, along with some hair stuff and a cute broche. I've not been that into wearing broches, but then again, I haven't really owned any worth wearing...

I've already got a skirt almost identical to this one. But...ok I haven't really got any good reason for getting it. Other than it being so cheap. I couldn't resist the top either, as it was in one of my favourite colours and had a bit of a vintage feel as well.

Now this shirt - total love! Felt very 40's even though it's new. It had some nice details too. Worn with the same skirt as above, vintage gloves and handbag and grandma's old shoes.

Right, now I'm gonna have togo and check on my boyfriend, he's attempting to cut his own hair...


Shoe lovers - look away!

I just spent...a while*cough* on this finnish site which was pretty much shoe heaven. If you've got 50 + euros to spend for every pair. Here's a small selection;

And yes, I like black and red shoes. And leopardprint ones too. However, the best thing about this place was that most of the shoes come in smaller sizes too (Eur 35). So now I just need to justify spending a fortune on the pair. And choose which pair that is...


Dig through piles of clothes and you shall find

Last friday was payday...which meant money to go shopping! I happened to have the day off so off to the charityshops I went, spent 15 euros and came home with some nice stuff in lovely colours.

I worked throughout the weekend and today I finally had some time to take pictures.

Such a great scarf, I can see myself wearing this a lot this summer.

This skirt is actually a bit longer than this, but hey, nothing that can't be fixed with a bit of time and my beloved sewing machine...

And then, finally, as I was going through a pile of swimwear, something red caught my eye. I pulled it out, noticed the shape of the bust and my heart almost stopped - could it be? Oh yes it could! A real 1950's bathing suit! (50's clothes are seriously rare to find in this area) And it looked small too...but when I tried it on it was sadly a couple of sizes too big. Which didn't stop me from spending an entire 50 cents on it and posing in it for you all to see. So, now it will live in my closet for a few years until I gain a bit more weight. I didn't really need a bathing suit anyway, since I've already got my new leopard print bikini...and the eight or so other bikinis/bathingsuits in my closet.


I've been wearing a lot of brown lately...

This is what I wore to my brothers girlfriends graduation party on saturday;

The shirt and stockings are from H&M, and the pearls from Glitter, everything else -second hand. On sunday me and my boyfriend went to the beach were I got to use my newly accuired leopard print bikini (H&M) which arrived in the mail some time ago. I also wore my matching leopard print scarf, which has been seen on my head quite a lot lately...

So we had some summery weather during the weekend, and I loved it. At the moment these images feel very inspiring for the summer - that is, if it ever gets warm again...

Image 1; devil doll, image 2; pinupgirlclothing, image 3; unknown. I love the red shoes!!