Kitten gets fascinated

Check out the latest addition to my wardrobe. Man this thing was difficult to photograph, or perhaps the problem was getting it to sit right on my head...

Anyway, it was great fun to make as I sewed it mostly by hand and because it didn't take too long. It's basically a piece og thick felt, some netting and three satin roses. And a hair clip.

If I make another one I'll probably use a round base and make it so that the netting doesn't really cover my face, as it was really difficult to get it straigth and mostly just made my already small chin even smaller. Trial and error baby. It looks really pretty when not on me though. I think I'll keep it on my Jbl creature, so that I can still enjoy it. From a safe distance.

Hopefully my next project will turn out better, I bought some fake fur in a beautiful dark brown/mink colour. Now I need to figure out wether to make a stole or a more cape-like thing out of it. Hmm...

The glove in the picture is the one that turned out better out of the two I made recently. Made from the same fabric as the roses on the fascinator btw. Happy fastlagstisdag!


Baby, it's cold outside!

Thought I'd add some outfit pics I haven't shown earlier.

Everything but shoes and handbag is second hand, the trousers are really nice low waist version of these ones from tara starlet. But my buttons are blue, and the trousers are tagged KappAhl...

Here's the trousers again, with a matching marine themed scarf.

It's been a bit cold here lately, about 20 minus degrees on the outside, so I'm inspired to make myself a nice fur stole kind of thing. Something a bit like this one from posh girl vintage;

Too bad there was no fake fur for sale at the fabric store in this town. Maybe I'll run out for a bit when I visit my boyfriend in the neighbouring town on saturday? I just might.

How was you weekend by the way? Mine was pretty nice as my bf had cooked me a lovely dinner for when I got home after work on valentines day. Later we had drinks and went in the sauna as well. And tomorrow we're looking at more flats! Hope these ones are better than the last ones...


What's inspiring me at the moment

I'm afraid I don't know where all the pictures are from, but the last two come from damngoodvintage.com. And since tomorrow is valentiens day I wish you all a happy valentine!


More finds

I've been really good this last week, no shopping, just spending time on transforming that piece of fabric I bought second hand into something wearable. Sewing is just so much fun! :)

Anyway, I haven't finished showing what I got at my last spree, so let's move on. I found another leopard purse, something like 50 cents for this one.

And a terriffic 70's bikini, only 20 cents!!

It appears I have started a small collection of slips and nighties. I don't think anybody else had shown any interest in these pieces for a loong time as the lady in the shop actually gave me the white one after I pointed out there was a small stain on it...

And the craziness continues. I bought a yellow slip too, or maybe it's a nightgown, which was way to big for me. But it was so cheap and so pretty. What am I gonna do with it? Beats me...

Today I'm pretty exited, because in a few hours me and my boyfriend are going to look at flats. That's right, we're moving in together! The actual move won't happen for another month and a half or so, but because of our shifts this is pretty much the only time we could go together for a look before the end of the month. Moving is pretty complicated when you have to give one months notice to the current landlord, which you cannot do before you're sure to have somewhere new to move to...But I'm sure everything will work out in the end.


Shopaholic warning

I must have spent almost 60 euros on clothes in the last week or so. It's not like me. A small consolation is that most if it was spent on second hand stuff where some of the money actually goes to charity...But today I wasn't gonna do any shopping. Just check out the sale and lack of shoes in my size in "Shoe stop". And would you believe it, they actually have a few pairs in size 35. But none i liked enough to spend 40-60 euro or more. But I will return...

After the quick shoe shop visit I had to see what was left of the sales...and ended up buying a very useful strapless bra and these supercute panties;

Also bought the flower pin for a mere 2 euros. But back to my crazy shopping spree. Last friday there was a sale at a charity shop in town that I hadn't been to before, so naturally, I had to go. Ehem. But I'm really glad I did, as I only spent 5 euros for about 10 items and found these;

Four pairs of vintage gloves!! After I got desperate enough to make my own, I go and find these for the ridiculous price of 50 cents each. Madness. But I'm pleased.

Saturday I went on a flea market tour in the town where my boyfriend lives ,while he was out to play tennis. This is when the madness started, as I found myself buying items in colours previously unseen in my wardrobe. These linen trousers for example. I love linen. Just didn't expect to wear anything orange...

The second crazy item was in pink, another colour I never wear normally. But how could I resist? I mean, look how cool it looks, teamed with my first attempt at a pill box hat, black gloves, a good skirt and nice shoes. I'd love to have a few more items that would make me feel this glamorous. Still need to work on that hat though.

My leopard print obsession continues. This bag cost me a fiver in the sales. The benefit - or curse? - of working in a supermarket is seeing all the sales stuff day after day after day...

I've got plenty more stuff to show from my out of control shopping spree, but this will have to do for now. Hope I've been able to spread some inspiration :)