Fifties furniture and a forties coat

May I present, my 1 euro forties coat, complete with lamb(?) fur collar. It needs some ironing and a few stitches here and there, however I'm a bit nervous about ironing it since I'm not sure what material it is...Any tips?

I've also found a cute 50's mirror, which is now haging next to the door to my closet.

Finally, I found this cute little side-table. I put it in an unused corner of my kitchen, where it can serve the purpose of flower table untill I find a better use for it.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Another dress put to good use

Me and Mr. Kitten had a pretty good weekend, we went to loads of flea markets where I did some pretty nice finds and on saturday night, we saw the Queens of Teese burlesque show. This was my outfit;

(Sorry for the blurry bathroom picture, Mr Kitten used my camera phone) I'm wearing my new dress that I made inspired by this dress at stop staring!.

My hair and make-up, and necklace from Citymarket (yes I do buy new stuff occasionally). I liked the show and thought it was very entertaining, however I had hoped that there would have been a few more retro-inspired people in the audience, I only saw two rockabellas and their male friends. And there I was, hoping to meet some kindred spirits, but no. I'm really starting to feel kinda lonely...Finns det några retro intresserade finlandssvenskar där ute?


Day of hearts

As sunday was valentines day (or as we say in swedish "alla hjärtans dag" roughly translated "day of hearts") I decided to paint little hearts on my nails. My entire outfit was also red and white to match the nails, but I didn't think to take any photos...

Suitably in time for the weekend (or not) I got a bad cold, so to cheer myself up I went to a flea market on Saturday and came home with these bangles;

This dress which is a few sizes too big;

And a lovely little book with knitting patterns from 1956, which I shall show another time. Here is what my knitting project looked like a few days ago;

I was so thrilled to find that book, the instructions were not that difficult to understand so I might actually manage to make something out of this experiment! But I still got a long way to go if I wanna make this into a cardigan...


Petticoat in black

I have turned these long strips of fabric...

...into this petticoat.

I 'm still knitting on the cardigan I mentioned earlier, but not getting that far as I am also sewing a dress to wear at the Queens of Tease Tour that we're gonna go see in Seinäjoki next week. (Anybody else going?) And I've made a lampshade, but I'll show you that one another time.

Bah, today has not been the greatest of days, I've got a cold and I'm feeling tired and it's affecting my mood. Oh, well at least it's friday! Have a happy Valentine's day everybody!


I liked what I saw so I made some

Here's what I saw about a year ago (here). I've seen several similar styled trousers in other places too and I liked the idea of the high waist.

So I made a pair. Not too bad, but I'll probably make a few adjustments the next time.

Today I made a hat-thingy and started knitting a sweater. Without having a pattern. But I suppose it doesn't make any difference as I don't understand the ones I've seen anyway. So...wish me luck!