Alive and blogging

Finally, I got most of my necessary computer stuff up and running, camera successfully connected, pictures transferred and so on. Phew! So here's an outfit I wore shopping the other day;

And of course I didn't notice that my way to big seamed stockings weren't looking to good around the ankles...Until I was already in town. Anybody need some size 9 stockings? I should have ironed that skirt too.

Apart from trying to get a working whole of my new mac, I have spent the last two weeks or so sewing on our home-made caravan sunroof, the dress for my brothers wedding and this fascinator covered with feathers. And catching up with all the blogs out there! Sadly all my bookmarks went with Melissa, so there's a lot of blogs still missing from my list, maybe yours was one of them? All in all, it's good to be back!



Dear readers,

I have gone on an unexpected and unwanted blog-break due to the death of my computer, Melissa. We had a happy two years together, without problems, until last week... Luckily, most of my files and pictures are safely stored on an external drive. I will be getting some money from the insurance company so that I can replace dear old Mel, but they weren't sure how much, so I'm holding on to find out. I am leaning towards crossing over from PC and getting myself a Mac Mini, so if anybody reading this has one/has tried one out, I'd be happy to hear any thoughts or recommendations! Until I return, I wish you all an enjoyable summer!



Thanks for your advice but...

While comments were dropping in advicing me not to buy these shoes, I was out buying them...Because of a small and barely visible ink mark on the shoes, the sales-woman offered me 30 % off and I could not refuse. My hopes for finding better shoes, in my size, before my brothers wedding are so low that I decided to go for it. And I think they look pretty nice with the fabric I'm making the dress out of too (in the background).

By the way, I really appreciate all the comments and advice you ladies gave about the shoes , it's lovely to have such helpful readers (even though I didn't succumb to your opinions this time) and I'd like to say Thank You for caring!

Now, I haven't just been buying shoes lately, I've also found some second hand handbags to match the shoes I already have! I found this red handbag in Vaasa last time we visited, and it matches my red shoes perfectly. Love it when that happens!

And then, yesterday, I found the perfect match to my golden sixties dress and shoes combo, a golden purse!

Looking at this colour combination is almost making me wanna change my blue and white theme for the wedding to blue and gold....

Lovely details! And just to prove that I did get dressed up last weekend, here's an outfit picture of what I wore to my cousins graduation party;

Hope you all had a nice weekend!


The trouble with tiny feet

Lately I've been busy planning my outfit for my brother's wedding coming up in july. I've been looking for shoes and found the perfect ones at Halens.fi ;

Pure perfection, platforms, chunky heel and slingback to help them stay on my tiny feet. Perfection, until I decided to buy them and found they only had big sizes left. After hours and hours of looking for something similar on websites I gave up and thought I'll have to give the shoe shops in town a try or use what I've got. Strangely, even with over 50 pairs, you never seem have any suitable pair for the occasion...

So today, after saying "nope, too big" to myself many, many times I found these pretties in one of the local shops, but I'm feeling a bit unsure. The size is ok, and I was able to walk in them, but the bigger dilemma is really will they go with the fifties style dress I've been busy designing and planning to make out of a shimmering dark blue fabric? Are they festive enough? Do I wanna pay 45 € for "maybe"? And I kinda wanted the shoes to be satin (goes better with the dress). But chances of me finding another small enough sized pair of perfect satin heels seems pretty small right now...