Weddings and dresses

On Saturday my brother finally got married. I really liked the dress his bride is wearing, suited her really well. Such a lovely couple!

I finally got to wear the dress I've been working on pretty much all summer...

By the end of the day those shoes were absolutely killing me, I ended up walking barefoot back to the car.

Today I'm working hard on keeping my spirits up, as I'll be going back to work tomorrow...Wish me luck!


Patriotic taste

Dark blue and white seem to be my summer colours of choice, or at least that is what these pictures suggest...

The dress I'm wearing for my brother's wedding is also dark blue, and will be worn with white accessories (see the pattern?).

Note the shoes (to be worn at the wedding). They went on their first test run/walk on the same day as I tried out a potential up-do, also for the wedding. Although I won't wear the bandanna for that occasion...

Now I'm off to bed because tomorrow we are getting up bright and early to drive for six hours, in order to get us to the plane that is going to take me and Mr Kitten to Bulgaria! Yes, I've got some time off from work and I'm gonna make the most of it. See ya when we get back!


Summer is here!

Check out my latest finished sewing project;

(=The roof)

Mr Kitten and I spent the weekend in Kalajoki, where there is a long and lovely sandy beach, a camping area and a place to go dancing in the evening. My dancing outfit looked like this;

Minus the hair flower, I couldn't get it to sit quite right. It's just wonderful to be able to walk outside like this and not be cold. The next day I wore the same dress along with my red high heels to my uncles 60th birthday party. Speaking of birthdays, mine wasn't too long ago either, we spent some time at the beach and I wore my bright red bangle for the first time, with a matching red dress to go with it;

Another year older. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and that the weather where you are is a lovely as it is here.