Fascinator and mini-beret

Here's the fascinator I made and wore to my cousins wedding on new years eve. It's simply covered with a few feathers and a butterfly that came with a plant someone gave to us a while back.

My first mini-beret!

From the inside; just a hair clip to hold it in place.

Hope you've all had a nice weekend! Me and Mr. Kitten went for a skiing trip in the caravan this weekend, the plan was to ski on the first day and do slalom on the following but then, in the evening on the first day the heater in the caravan refused to work. And outside (and inside the caravan) it was about - 15. So we spent saturday night driving all the way back home...


40 going on 50

...as in pairs of shoes. These are my latest finds, #44 and #45;

Two euros a pair, from a recycling center-type shop. Worn, but still in good shape, and in a style that gets my mind thinking 50´s, but on closer inspection are probably newer.

And some winter boots! First pair (#42 to arrive in my closet) are brand new from an real shoe shop and come with a lining that actually seems to keep my feet warm! Pair #43 are second hand and not very warm, but I like the grandma meets Dr Martens vibe they've got going on. And they were cheap...

And last, after going through the trouble of designing and sewing myself a pair a spats, I come across some in a flea-market! A fiver and they were mine. Unfortunately, I noticed when I got home that I don't have any shoes they fit very well on...Oh, well, maybe pair #46? He he he...

It's actually quite funny that I should find a pair of something I've painstakingly made myself, and it's not the first time it's happened. I made my own gloves, and found some a few weeks later, I've made a muff and then found one and so on and now this. Hm, maybe I could use this? Got any tips on shoe-making, anyone?


Kitten keeps sewing

I seem to have been quite creative lately, knitting, crocheting and sewing...I have even finished some projects that I haven't had the time to put out here yet! This is one of those;

Again a project where I completely changed an original pattern to something unrecognisable; the top is based on a basic t-shirt pattern. The full circle skirt is all my own making. Here is the picture I based my idea on (sorry can't remember where from).

I'm not entirely happy with the end result, the skirt was pretty ok, but I think I might use what fabric I have left to make yet another version of the top, maybe completely different, or, just learn from my mistakes when making the first version. We'll see. Cause I've got a few other project in mind as well, no lack of ideas around here...


From 2 1/2 balls of red yarn

After many nights of knitting or crocheting in front of the television I hereby present to you my new hat;

And my new legwarmers;

I still have some of this red yarn left, so I'm thinking about making a mini-beret (Ranna wears these a lot). I have also bought some black yarn and might make myself a hat according to this pattern (in swedish). Anybody else out there who plays around with yarn?



Tadaa! Here's the apron I finally made, after having the fabric sitting on a shelf for almost a year and a half...Inspired by old fashioned 40-50's models, but all my own improvised pattern.

View from the back;
And while I took these photos I remembered this half apron I bought quite some time ago and decided to show it to you also;

And now I'm off to try and do something creative again, ta-ta!


New year, old pictures

A while back when me and Mr. Kitten went on our extended weekend trip to Turku, I found some old photographs in a fleamarket that I thought I'd share with you;

I just love the hair in these pictures! More pics to follow another day...

So, how's the new year been so far? Me, I have finished knitting one leg warmer and the other one is coming along shortly, I'm also crocheting a hat! Oh, and I went to my cousin's wedding wearing this dress and a fascinator I made just hours before the wedding (which is why there was no time to take any outfit pictures, sorry!). Tomorrow I've got the day off so hopefully I'll have the time and light to take some photos of my recent creations...