Something for fall

One of the biggest problems fashionwise living up here in the north is to stay warm during the cold parts of the year and still feel stylish. Unfortunately pretty and practical seldom go together...A problem (a least for me) which I am trying hard to solve.

In order to wear these pretty but not very warm shoes, I came up with the idea to make myself some spats. Basically a piece of cloth (or three per foot sewn together) to keep my feet warm and cosy. Or at least warmer. I used a piece of elastic underneath to keep in place, and velcro to open and close. Very simple. I might do a few more in different fabrics and colours, maybe with buttons going up the side, for some other semi-warm shoes I happen to own...

Staying dry and looking good can also be tricky. Lucky for me, I found this stripey rain-cape in a charity shop not too long ago. Now I just need it to rain!

I've got more ideas on how to stay warm and look good, but I haven't put all of them into practice yet. I'll show you once I get that far...If you got any tips or tricks you use yourself you are welcome to share!

Finally, here's my latest attempt at pincurls;

This time around I went to work for three days looking like this, and got many compliments and even more enquiries as to what special occasion was coming up which required this hairstyle...It appears that the people Iwork with only make an effort for special occasions, so the looks I got when I said that I just felt like it were a bit pussled. I guess I've taken my first steps down the road of being "the strange one that dresses up/does her hair for no reason". Oh, well, as I'm already on that road, why not go full throthle? On the third day with this hair, I put on some red lipstick...

7 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Great finds, and hairs looking fantastic!

Ms. B sa...

Love your hair and the spats are so cute!!!

Erika sa...

Lovely spats, that's so clever! As I live up north as well (Umeå) I totally understand the dilemma of keeping both warmth and style, especially as I ride my bike to work for 5 km every day. I'm planning to invest in some really warm wool shorts (yllemamelucker!), leg warmers and sew a wintercoat. But as for the shoes, I'm not even going to try. I hate having cold toes, and my heels are in a really bad shape, so I need modern shoes with good cushioning. So style gets sacrifieced on the altar of health =) But if I could wear fancy winter shoes, I'd try putting wool soles in them, as I often find them to have a bit too thin soles.

Cute pincurls, btw! =)

sue sa...

great shoes
and love the hair - I always try to get curls but they just won't stay in

Kitten sa...

Thank you for your comments ladies!

Erika; Thanks! Yllemamelucker sounds good. I also go by bike the 1 km I have to work, but as I have a work uniform and already look silly I feel free to wear whatever keeps me warm.

Good luck with the wintercoat, I'm sure it'll turn out lovely. You know, you could also make some spats which would cover up whatever warm and maybe not-so-pretty shoes you're using...and make them a bit more in style with the rest of you perhaps? ;)

Sue; Thanks! Have you tried using setting lotion for your curls?

Annie S sa...

Vilken bra idé det där med skorna, absolut användbart här i nordpolen-Finland. :)

Och love the hair! Du ser jättetjusig ut!

Ha det gott!

Kitten sa...

Annie S; Tack, tack, jag har på känn att det kommer att bli några par till av dom där skoskydden :)