Kitten keeps spending

My wardrobe has grown and my jewelery box is pouring over. I have so much stuff to put on the blog and to photograph, and at the same time I'm trying to plan/make outfits for two weddings. Oh, and I'm working 10 days in a row. But I got a few pictures on here though, as follows;

Silly plastic apple brooch, I already own one in black.

Vintage earrings bought at the old fashioned market last saturday, where I wore a similar outfit as on the previous market and got lot's of compliments. I was, again, helping out my mother who makes and sells pottery and I got to do some shopping in between, he he.

I also found this ring which I absolutely fell in love with, such a great colour combination on it.

This skirt and top I found a couple of weeks ago in a charity shop and I've worn them a few times already, I really feel at home in this outfit as red and black is one of my favourite colour combinations.

And here's my second ever vintage dress find! It's slightly too big but I recon I can fix it.

It's been a busy weekend for me, first the market and straight after there was a hen party for a friend who's getting married soon. When I got up on sunday we packed the car and drove down to Pori to do some camping near this really nice beach. And in Pori I did some more shopping...and on the drive home. Having 4 days off was like another mini holiday, especially as we went away, but now it's back to reality and work, work, work.


Mallorca part 1

Our holiday in Mallorca was the first time that I went on one of those charter trips, and I really enjoyed it. The first day we rented bikes and rode along the the beach Playa de Palma in Arenal where our hotel was situated. I swam in the mediterranean for the first time, the water was so clear and warm, fantastic!

The following day we went sight-seeing in the capital, Palma de Mallorca, where we visited the grand cathedral.

Then we took a sight-seeing bus to Bellver castle, high above the city.

I posed as a statue.

The view from the castle was pretty magnificent. After our sight-seeing we went shopping and then back to the hotel for some all-inclusive food and drinks. I do recommend this all inclusive stuff, made life so much easier to always have food available. Stay tuned for part 2!


Kitten's back in town

Hello everybody, how have you been? Me and my boyfriend had a wonderful time on Mallorca and took over 700 (!) pictures, which we are currently sorting through. While I try to put together a selection to post on the blog I cannot keep from showing my spanking new shoes;

Just what I've been looking for, some red high heels for a reasonable price; 39,90 € from a small shop in Palma de Mallorca. Now I just need an excuse to wear them...


Old fashioned market

On friday when my holiday started I got all dressed up and travelled along this beautiful road.

At the end of the road there was an "old fashioned market", where people sold lot's of hand made stuff. My mother was there selling her pottery, and me - I embraced the opportunity to wear some of the few vintage item that I happen to own. This was the result;

The suit is the one that was too big and that I've been working on for a while, and I think it's from the forties. The rest is all second hand/vintage stuff, apart from the shoes, they are my beloved hush puppies.

The whole outfit cost about 20 euros, the seamed stocking being the cheapest item of only 10 cents. And I had tried to curl my hair a bit with this hot air curler I've got, but what a bad investment, the curls lasted a maximum of 20 minutes...

Sadly, this was not the car I arrived in...

This was pretty much the first time I wore all vintage outside the house, and let me tell you, it did not go unnoticed...Funny, because the were other (sellers) there dressed in an old fashioned style. But ok, they had gone more for the poor peasant style. I felt watched. I do not feel ready to go out on the town dressed like this. 50's inspired style is so much easier to get away with.

They are doing a play at this same location, and both my dad and my youngest brother (who took the shots of me) are acting in it. Due to my outfit I was actually asked if I'm in the play also, as some of the actors were walking around in costume. In 18th century costume. I guess nobody will know if I'm mixing 40's, 50's and 60's fashion in the future, if they can't tell 1770's clothes from 1940's.

Right, now I'm off to do some packing, because we're leaving for Mallorca tomorrow night! If I don't have time to blog before then, have a wonderful week everybody!