Mallorca part 1

Our holiday in Mallorca was the first time that I went on one of those charter trips, and I really enjoyed it. The first day we rented bikes and rode along the the beach Playa de Palma in Arenal where our hotel was situated. I swam in the mediterranean for the first time, the water was so clear and warm, fantastic!

The following day we went sight-seeing in the capital, Palma de Mallorca, where we visited the grand cathedral.

Then we took a sight-seeing bus to Bellver castle, high above the city.

I posed as a statue.

The view from the castle was pretty magnificent. After our sight-seeing we went shopping and then back to the hotel for some all-inclusive food and drinks. I do recommend this all inclusive stuff, made life so much easier to always have food available. Stay tuned for part 2!

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Anonym sa...

Look's lovely...loving the short's

Stéphanie sa...

You're looking great !

jessica/vintageportalen.se sa...

oh, i looks really nice. i cant wait until i can go on my next trip somewhere warm, the summer in sweden is cold and rainy!

Kitten sa...

Thanks girls! :)