On saturday I went to a masquerade arranged by the staff club at work. I dressed, naturally, as a cat and got quite a few compliments. I was a bit nervous before going as I'm still kind of new at my workplace, and I didn't really know anybody that well. But I didn't feel left out at all, instead, I had a pretty good time along with Cleopatra, Snow White, Marge Simpson and a whole bunch of other people.

The outfit is made up from a pair of tight "jazz pants" a tight black top and a long sleeved bolero. I'm also wearing a fur collar where fur collars normally go, as well as fur collars wrapped around my ankles. My tail is a boa-style scarf folded in half, the shoes are my beloved hush puppies, the gloves I made myself and the belt I thrifted a couple of weeks ago.


Finds and sewing inspiration

Saturday was spent in the town of Vasa, where I dragged my poor boyfriend around all the shops as well as a charityshop. Being a thrifter, I find it hard to pay full price for new clothes, so I end up only buying non-second hand stuff I really, really like - as long as the price is reasonable. This little dress from Gina Tricot only cost 15 euro and had such a nice cut that I had to get it. I rarely pay more than 20 euros for any one item. For me to pay more it'll have to be something like a winter coat or everyday shoes - things I know that will be used alot.

In the red cross charity shop I spent about 20 euros, for about...7 items? That's budget shopping for you. Among the things I got was this very useful and easily combined white tie front shirt, as well as these capri pants/jeans, with a nice high waist. I am unsure about keeping the length though, perhaps I should shorten them slightly?

I also got this lovely dark red skirt, which has a nice fall to it. The dark blue cardigan is from the H&M sale and the black pearls, something I've been looking for a while, are from Glitter.

In the evening we saw "Vaude" and with my brother playing the part of a crazy circus director, Mao etc. I really enjoyed the vaudeville spectacle.

Today is my day off -working on saturday instead, and I am in the mood to sew something. This type of dress is what's inspiring me at the moment;

And I happen to have a piece of fabic similar to this, but striped;

Time to get out my pattern files and start mixing! (Dresses from Stop Staring)


New hats

Why do I bother correcting the colours in my images in photoshop when they look different in blogger anyway? Oh, well, ignoring the dark and dusty colours and check out my new hats!

These two only cost me 3 euros together. The second one is dark blue with a flower thingy on the side - barely visible in this image. Sigh.

In a moment I'm off for work and tomorrow, me and my guy are going to Vaasa to do some shopping and to see my brother perform in Vaude! Have a lovely weekend!



So I finally got round to transferring some pictures to my computer, so, let me introduce to you, my new red shoes! Funnily enough, they don't even look red in this picture, but trust me, they are about the same colour as the top I'm wearing...These are the red version of the black hushpuppies shoes I blogged about a while back. The gray ones I have yet to photograph.

I really haven't had much time to go thrifting lately, but I was lucky enough to find a new charity shop close to my new home, and here's what I got at my first visit;

Two pairs of vintage gloves and a nice belt-the type I've actually been on the lookout for!

And finally a couple of shots of me in the slopes of Iso-Syöte, Lapland. I finally found myself a nice sporty and practical jacket so that I can throw away the ugly 3 sizes too big hand-me-downs I've been using the last couple of years. It's amazing how much more fun it was to be outside when I was wearing something I felt good in.


Still breathing

It's amaxing how fast time goes when you keep busy! In the last few weeks I have moved house, gone for a holiday to snowy lapland and studied hard for this little test I had to do for work. But now that's all done, finally time to breathe! Moving surely made me realize how much unnecessary clothes I own, perhaps I'll do a bit of a clean-out during easter...Anyway, I'm back to blogging, hope everyone is doing well!