New hats

Why do I bother correcting the colours in my images in photoshop when they look different in blogger anyway? Oh, well, ignoring the dark and dusty colours and check out my new hats!

These two only cost me 3 euros together. The second one is dark blue with a flower thingy on the side - barely visible in this image. Sigh.

In a moment I'm off for work and tomorrow, me and my guy are going to Vaasa to do some shopping and to see my brother perform in Vaude! Have a lovely weekend!

3 kommentarer:

Mrs Munster sa...

Fab hats. I really like the one with the veil.

the freelancer's fashionblog sa...

OH yeah I like the first hat a lot too!

I know the thig with blogger and clours, it's abit annoying. Bute then again I guess it's also really up to which computer you are on?

Kitten sa...

Thanks ladies, I cannot wait til I get to use it!

The colour thing annoys me as I put effort into making the colour look good, and then when the pics are uploaded they look different - on the same computer as I edited them on?! Oh well, it's just a detail in the end...