Finds and sewing inspiration

Saturday was spent in the town of Vasa, where I dragged my poor boyfriend around all the shops as well as a charityshop. Being a thrifter, I find it hard to pay full price for new clothes, so I end up only buying non-second hand stuff I really, really like - as long as the price is reasonable. This little dress from Gina Tricot only cost 15 euro and had such a nice cut that I had to get it. I rarely pay more than 20 euros for any one item. For me to pay more it'll have to be something like a winter coat or everyday shoes - things I know that will be used alot.

In the red cross charity shop I spent about 20 euros, for about...7 items? That's budget shopping for you. Among the things I got was this very useful and easily combined white tie front shirt, as well as these capri pants/jeans, with a nice high waist. I am unsure about keeping the length though, perhaps I should shorten them slightly?

I also got this lovely dark red skirt, which has a nice fall to it. The dark blue cardigan is from the H&M sale and the black pearls, something I've been looking for a while, are from Glitter.

In the evening we saw "Vaude" and with my brother playing the part of a crazy circus director, Mao etc. I really enjoyed the vaudeville spectacle.

Today is my day off -working on saturday instead, and I am in the mood to sew something. This type of dress is what's inspiring me at the moment;

And I happen to have a piece of fabic similar to this, but striped;

Time to get out my pattern files and start mixing! (Dresses from Stop Staring)

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Aurélie Muller sa...

i love the last dress!

Kitten sa...

Me too, and the one I'm working on is pretty similar. I'll post a picture when it's done!