I've been doing alot of pin-curls lately, and thought I'd share some of the results;

And yesterday my hair looked like this when I went to my friends tupperware-party;

I looked through some older pic's of my pin-curl attempts, and noticed they weren't always that good. Thankfully, I feel I'm getting a little bit better at getting them too look okay now...

I'm not very keen on the constant darkness that seems to be the default weather at the moment. Apart from the effect on my mood, it's too dark to take any decent pictures! So it might take a while before I can photograph my latest finished sewing project...


The rise and fall of inspiration

November. The darkest time of the year. My motivation and inspiration level has been quite low lately. It's been too dark to take any decent pictures and I've been too uninspired to sew anything. Thoughts like "why sew something new when I haven't got any occasion to wear it" and "it's too cold for a dress like that" have been in the back of my mind. But now, I think I might have gotten out of it. I hope. Because of a huge piece of dark red fabric in my shelf ...I'm thinking something along these lines;

Images from vintagefashionlibrary.com, stopstaringclothing.com and pinupgirlclothing.com

I might also make a pair of high waisted trousers if there's enuogh material, or try my had at making a shirt/jacket! Or maybe that piece of fabric will still be there next year. What do you do when your mind starts asking "why bother sewing/being creative/dressing up?


And more shoes

Oh dear, I've ordered yet another pair of shoes, all because Ellos sent me a 50% off cupon. So I thought I'd have a look through their selection, and the only products I liked were shoes. And why not get myself a good quality pair of shoes - half price? 89,90 € was the normal price but I'll only have to pay about 47 € with shipping. Not bad. I plan to use these as my dancing shoes, if the fit me...Hush puppies is the make.

Speaking of dancing, Mr. Kitten managed to get the heating working in the RV, so we went dancing to a place about 100 km away from here, and then slept in the RV. Luxury I tell you, not having to drive all the way home after the dance. However, I did kind of wake up in the middle of the night thinking the heating was off and that I was freezing and trapped in my sleeping bag and so on, until I woke up enough to realize everything was fine and I had been imagining things...


Up's and down's

Today was a bit of a down day, as we discovered that the heating (among other things) in our newly accuired caravan wasn't working properly. This means that we won't be able to go on any trips and sleep in the car (unless we wanna freeze) until we get it fixed. Which might not take too long, but, the next weekend off might take til next year with x-mas coming up and all. And I was so looking forward to going away this weekend, we were gonna go dancing and see a new town, maybe do some shopping...Oh, well.



This is my new second-hand coat along with my new shoes.

And here's the result of my latest sewing project;

I might wear it for our upcoming work x-mas party.

And in case anyone was wondering, this is what I wore yesterday when I went grocery-shopping.

And finally, Mr Kitten and I put my old rusty car aside and bought this second hand beauty;

No more hotel nights, when we've got our own little house with us...!

P.s. That dress is still for sale...until monday!


New home wanted!

Ok, I've decided to sell the dress. As one of my readers noted, the pattern is a bit big on me (thanks, I knew there was something else bothering me apart from the colour!).

Right, here are the measuremets of the dress laying flat;
bust 48 cm
waist 38 cm
hip 50 cm
neck to waist 41 cm
waist to hem 70 cm

Hand-made buttons.

The rip at the back, shouldn't be too hard to fix.

Side buttoning.

So, if anyone is interested, you can leave a bid for the dress in the comments. I'll start the bidding at 5 euros plus postage, (which depends on how far away you are from Finland). The dress weighs about 450 grams. Alternatively, I might consider trading the dress for something else, in case you've got something you think would fit me... You've got one week! Bidding will end next monday at 9 pm finnish time. Good luck!