Not so 40's after all

Here's the dress I was so exited about earlier...but when I had a closer look, I came to the conclusion that it can really be that old after all. The zip is plastic, the seams look modern and the tag says misstex, which after a bit of googleing leads me to believe that it might be from the 70's. Not the 40's, as I had hoped. But never mind. It's pretty anyway, even un-ironed, ha ha.

As I've got the weekend off (yay!) me and Mr Kitten are going away in the caravan again. Dancing is on the programme, and yes, I might squeeze in some thrifting in Vasa or Seinäjoki on the way there too...Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Just an outfit

I went for a little shopping trip on friday, and wore this outfit;

I visited two charity shops and I actually found a vintage dress for once, or at least I think it's vintage. But no pictures yet, sorry. I also found a cute red girls dress which I'm gonna turn into a skirt and a piece of houndstooth fabric. I just need to find the time and energy to sew and take pictures...But right now, I need to get ready for work. How do you motivate yourself to sew and/or blog?


Back from the beach

The weekend was lovely and warm, perfect for our first trip to the beach...But before it was beach-time I took a bus from the camping-area where we had parked the caravan, into the centre of Pori to go shopping! This is what I looked like;

And while I was going from flea-market to flea-market without finding anything exiting, Mr Kitten ran about 21 km in the heat and strong wind as a participant in the Yyteri maraton (although he was in the half-marathon class). When I got back to camp we went straight to the beach and spent a good few hours in the lovely sun.

The next day we went to the not very crowded beach again for a while, before driving back home to reality, work and everyday life.



This week has been spent working on my latest dress;

I'm wearing two of my (home-made) petticoats underneath and it moves soo nicely and feels so comfy I don't want to take it off!

I did something I rarely do and bid (and won!) an auction on a finnish auction site. I won this Asos fascinator (originally with much brighter red dots). I'm not sure if I'll re-vamp it in some way of use it as it is, the biggest reason for bidding on it was cause I wanted the netting, don't know where to buy it...

I also went shopping today...The result; I now own 50 pairs of shoes. Pair #49 was a pair of red hiking boots (half price on sale and soo comfy) and pair #50 look like this;

Bought from Citymarket. I also bought myself a beach-bag (also on sale) to go with a hat that I bought at Kärkkäinen last weekend.

Beach 2010-bring it on!

Time flies...Next weekend Mr Kitten and I are going away again. He's gonna run half a marathon while I go through the charity shops and flea-markets of Pori. Also, one of the country's nicest beaches is situated close to the camping area we'll be staying at, and the weather forecast says it's gonna be really warm. Yes, I am exited, and I will be packing my bikini.


Four times a hat

A while ago I bought a sheet of red felt from a craft store and made myself a little hat. This is what it looks like combined with a few of my recent flea-market finds;

It's finally friday, yey! Feels like all I have done this week is worked, I've even had dreams at night about being at work...Do you ever get that?

Anyway, tomorrow me and Mr. Kitten are gonna go dancing again and sleep in the caravan. Looking forward to it!! I wish you all a fantastic weekend!


Glenn Miller Dance

Here's what I wore to the dance;

The dance was quite fun, although on a smaller scale than what I expected. There was however enough people to fill the small dance floor and push you in all directions... But mostly the dancing was ok, and the big band was really quite good. So I enjoyed it. And a girl in the bathroom thought I looked very french?! She'd probably seen some WWII movie where they wear rolls and red lipstick and all that...

Anyway, for once I'm actually wearing only one piece of second hand goods, the skirt, everything else I've bought new. Still old stuff though...How was your weekend?