White vintage

As I've said before, finding vintage clothes around the area where I live is pretty rare. That is why I had to go all he way to Pori to find this dress with matching jacket;

Ten euros is what I paid for the set, not bad...

Here's a view of the hat I mad as well, and yes, I wore both the hat and the jacket to my friends wedding.

I added some turtle doves to the hat before that though;

And finally, a closer look at the fabric. Absolutely love it!


A muff - finally!

Among the great finds I did at the Juthbacka market last saturday was this furry little thing;

It's not in mint condition, but with a few stitches it'll be as good as new. My wish list is getting shorter...!


More earrings...and handbags

I've been spotting a lot of vintage jewelery lately. Such as these clip-on earrings;

And these;

And this pair of regular old earrings;

I also found this mock-crock handbag for 80 cents a while back. Been looking for a red one for ages! I might cover up the button though, just have to find something suitable...


Kitten's got a brand new (old) bag

...but it's not this one. This mock croc looked vintage at a yard sale I went to the other week. Turned out it had a tag with the make on the inside, complete with the company's website and all. So I guess it wasn't old at all. But it still looks good - so I'm happy.

Here's some other new stuff, cardigan and high waisted trousers are from the latest H&M online sale. Trousers are still to be shortened. Hat and top -trifted, shoes from Mallorca.

On the yard sale I went to, the lady had this beautiful v-striped fur muff. It had been lying in it's box since about 1964, judging from the newspaper it was wrapped in, and so it was a bit fragile. As we were looking at it, there the fur ripped a little, and the crazy lady decides she cannot sell it to me. You'd think she'd want to get rid of, wouldn't you? But no, back in the box it went and I wasn't even allowed to look at it anymore...A bit strange I thought, but what can you do? I'll just have to keep looking for that perfect muff.


Wedding no. 2

Last Saturday one of my close friends got married.

My outfit looked like this; all second hand or self made.

The jacket is part of a 50's set (dress + matching jacket) that I found in a charity shop in Pori.

The hat is the same base that what I wore to the previous wedding, only with a white "cover" with little roses and some turtle doves which aren't very visible in the picture but anyway.

I really liked the cake topper, it's very 50's I think, and I'd like to wear something similar in style if/when I get married...


Wedding no. 1

On Saturday my cousin got married.

My outfit;

Shoes are from Mallorca, skirt and hat I made and the rest is second hand.

Here's a closer view of the hat.

I got quite a few compliments from my relatives, such as "you look like you come from an old movie" and someone even called me Evita! This was probably the first time I went this retro among people who know me, and as the response was so positive I now feel a bit more relaxed about wearing vintage in public. Phew. I'm out of the closet!


I just bought these...

And look what happened as I was wearing them around the house for the first time, planning different outfis they would go with. Well, no need to plan anymore. *sigh*

After finally finishing my 10 days of work in a row I wanted to reward myself, so I put on this cute little dress that I bought for 1 € on the way from Pori last week and went thrifting.

I found a couple of cute tops and a handbag, and got asked for my number by a creapy guy outside one of the charity shops. Hm, maybe this could be a good excuse to drag my boyfriend along shopping a bit more often, as this is the second time this summer I got approached when dressed up... Do any of you readers get this type of attention and in that case, how do you handle it?



I thought I'd post some more of my recently accuired jewelery, starting with two broches my mother gave me, they had been sitting in her jewelery box for years and now, as they are sitting in mine, they might actually get to go outside every once in a while.

Found this necklace at a market on the sqaure a couple of weeks ago. The rain was pouring down and some of the sellers were packing away their things AND giving a 50 % percent discount...How could I not?

And lastly, a pair of clip-ons that I bought for 2 euros at the old time market and used as part of my outfit on the day.

Now I'm off to do some hat-making!