Wedding no. 1

On Saturday my cousin got married.

My outfit;

Shoes are from Mallorca, skirt and hat I made and the rest is second hand.

Here's a closer view of the hat.

I got quite a few compliments from my relatives, such as "you look like you come from an old movie" and someone even called me Evita! This was probably the first time I went this retro among people who know me, and as the response was so positive I now feel a bit more relaxed about wearing vintage in public. Phew. I'm out of the closet!

6 kommentarer:

Mrs Munster sa...

That is one fabulous hat and all in all a great outfit!

Sandy De Luxe sa...

I love the shoes!

Kitten sa...

Oh, thank you! :)

Felicia sa...

Oh. Älskar håret, ja allt föresten. Hur bär du dig åt? Vacker blogg!

Kitten sa...

Felicia; Tack så mycket! Jag höll på en bra stund med håret innan det blev bra. Övning är vad som gäller!

Erika sa...

Åh, du är verkligen superstilig!