I thought I'd post some more of my recently accuired jewelery, starting with two broches my mother gave me, they had been sitting in her jewelery box for years and now, as they are sitting in mine, they might actually get to go outside every once in a while.

Found this necklace at a market on the sqaure a couple of weeks ago. The rain was pouring down and some of the sellers were packing away their things AND giving a 50 % percent discount...How could I not?

And lastly, a pair of clip-ons that I bought for 2 euros at the old time market and used as part of my outfit on the day.

Now I'm off to do some hat-making!

3 kommentarer:

Mrs Munster sa...

Lots of pretty bling-bling. Those clip ons are adorable!

Jessica Cangiano sa...

What elegantly lovely pieces. Their clear and subtle tones will make them so perfect to pair with countless wardrobe items.

Wishing you a beautiful Friday & weekend!
♥ Jessica

Kitten sa...

And a beautiful weekend to you too girls! :)