A muff - finally!

Among the great finds I did at the Juthbacka market last saturday was this furry little thing;

It's not in mint condition, but with a few stitches it'll be as good as new. My wish list is getting shorter...!

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fröken lila sa...

nice! jag komemr nog leta efter en muff i flera ár eftersom det är riktigt svárt att hitta ngt sádant pá tyska loppisar.. jag hoppas lite grann att h&m fár tummen ur och fixar en fake-fur muff till mig. ju.

Mrs Munster sa...

That's gonna look fab in the winter with your great vintage clothes. Great find!

Casey sa...

What a lovely find!!! :)

the freelancer's fashionblog sa...

Don't you just love it when you actually can check things off a list? Especially when it's a nice one !
Ja, och samma på svenska :)

Kitten sa...

Fröken Lila; Nästa gång jag hittar en kanske jag ska ta och skicka en till dig? ;)

Mrs Munster & Casey; Thanks, I am very pleased with it.

Freelancer; Absolut! :D

Jessica Cangiano sa...

What a fantastic find! I am pining for a gorgeous muff, too. Gloves never seem to keep my (usually cold all year-round) hands warm enough, but I have high hopes that a well made muff would.

Hope you have a beautiful week, sweetie!
♥ Jessica