Kitten's got a brand new (old) bag

...but it's not this one. This mock croc looked vintage at a yard sale I went to the other week. Turned out it had a tag with the make on the inside, complete with the company's website and all. So I guess it wasn't old at all. But it still looks good - so I'm happy.

Here's some other new stuff, cardigan and high waisted trousers are from the latest H&M online sale. Trousers are still to be shortened. Hat and top -trifted, shoes from Mallorca.

On the yard sale I went to, the lady had this beautiful v-striped fur muff. It had been lying in it's box since about 1964, judging from the newspaper it was wrapped in, and so it was a bit fragile. As we were looking at it, there the fur ripped a little, and the crazy lady decides she cannot sell it to me. You'd think she'd want to get rid of, wouldn't you? But no, back in the box it went and I wasn't even allowed to look at it anymore...A bit strange I thought, but what can you do? I'll just have to keep looking for that perfect muff.

4 kommentarer:

Mrs Munster sa...

That's a one funky outfit. You look so great with hats!

Kitten sa...

Oh, thanks! :)

fröken lila sa...

a muff is something i'd love to get for myself this winter..
also, i think you look great in that fantastic red hat!

Kitten sa...

Fröken Lila; Thank you! :)