Remeber this?



Glada Vappen and a happy 1:st of may! We are celebrating by attending an event called Glenn Miller Dance on Saturday. I think I'll wear something else for that though... Have a great weekend everyone!


3 x vintage dresses

I've been lucky this week. On a tour of the local charity shops I started talking to the old ladies in one of the shops about how I'm looking for older stuff, and what do you know, turns out they've got a bag of "old stuff" put to the side in case they drop by from the local theatre looking for costumes...Apparently nobody else is interested in stuff that old!? Well, all the more for me! This was the newest item, late 50's-60's maybe?

I haven't cut my hair again, in the pictures I've got it under-pinned (I think that's what it's called). It's basically folded under at the back and pinned to my head. Instant short neck!

As usual all items were slightly too big for me, but I just couldn't leave them to gather dust in the wardrobe of the theatre...Maybe I could take them in a little?

The next dress is my favourite, it just falls so nicely, and the embroidery is so pretty, and it's got self-covered buttons going up the side...It's about 20 cm to long for me, I'm wearing my highest heels (12cm?) in the picture and it still touches the floor. The dress needs a wash really badly, the massive sweat stains aren't too pretty, but I'm not quite sure how to wash it, it's kinda delicate. I'm guessing it's from the 30's or early 40's.

The last dress I'm pretty sure is from the 40's. And no, I haven't washed or ironed this one either, I could not wait to show it off and maybe get some tips on washing and ironing. After all, I don't actually own much real vintage, since it's so rare around here. Most of the few pieces I've got are cotton or other materials that I dare wash in the machine...

So if anyone out there can tell me anything more about these dresses (decade, washing tips etc.) I'd be grateful!



Something I always look for when thrifting is cute little cardigans that button all the way up. Ideally with a short waist as well, but perfect is hard to find...Anyway, a while back I did pick up this second hand cardigan, but I am having doubts. I'm having a hard time combining it with the rest of my wardrobe, as a majority of it is pretty dark, colourwise. How do you ladies combine your minty threads?

Otherwise I'm busy working on turning a curtain into a dress. (See previous post!)


Curtains or dresses?

I've recently bought two sets of curtains, with the intention of turning them into dresses, but now I'm not so sure...I mean, wouldn't this be quite summery and lovely in the kitchen as actual curtains?

The second pair is also so lovely, but unfortunately a bit too short for our windows. So why not make a dress? Thing is I've started to wonder if the pattern is to big for me to wear, as I'm rather petite. What do you think, curtains or dresses?


It's getting warmer...

On a recent visit to the fleamarkets I found a cute jacket and a nice coat for spring (and summer).

The shoes I'm wearing are my new Aris Allen dancing shoes. 'Ive already tried them a couple of times and I must say that I notice a difference compared to wearing trainers...

The lining just feels so right!

As usual, the rest of the outfit is second hand, apart from the gloves which come from Citymarket. And the socks. I can't remember where I bought them though but somehow I doubt anybody is that interested in my socks anyway, right?



I bought a pair of suspenders a while back for Mr Kitten, in case I could convince him to wear them at some point. In the mean time, it seems I'm the one using them...



I'm back! Mr Kitten and I had a lovely time in Lapland, most of the time anyways. Skiing when it's raining isn't something I recommend...But on the dance floor we noted that we had actually gotten slightly better at dancing, so that was nice.

Here we are having lunch in a restaurant at the top of a small mountain.

Photos by Mr Kitten.

Today it's back to work for me, I can't believe how quickly time always goes when you're off! Back to reality...


Gone skiing.

So here's the recreated outfit that I wore to the theatre. The caravan is a tricky place to take photos, so you'll just have to imagine my hair curlier and with better rolls, he he. The few comments I got from relatives also seeing the play was that I looked like I could have been a part of it. Goal achieved.

No more time to blog now, as me and Mr Kitten are heading off on our next adventure; skiing, slalom, dancing and spa in Lapland, with the caravan of course. I'll be back in a few days, in the mean time, have a fabulous easter!