New Old Skirts

I've bought a couple of skirts lately that I thought I'd show you. First up is the vintage black pencil skirt I got a few weeks back but never showed you, worn here with that handbag that I got from the same place, a second hand top from England and my new cherry necklace.

It appears I'm getting slightly influenced by all the cute blogger that wear a lot of bows, I've never really been into those but look at this, on saturday I found this brown leather skirt...with a little bow on the back.

Behold the quality, or lack there of, of my crappy old camera. The skirt from the front. 1€ it cost me, how could I resist?

Now this one I really couldnt resist, the lady in the charity shop gave it to me, as she was gonna put it in the "free stuff" box anyway, and since it was a couple of sizes too big. Hope me and my friend the sewing machine can fix that one.

I also bought two pieces of fabric in dark brown and dark blue corderoy, a sarong-like thingy to go with my bikini in the summer and two champagne glasses. At the moment I'm working on turning the brown fabric into a dress, wish me luck!


Stormy weather

A few night ago the view from from my kitchen window was this calm and blue and snowy.

Last night it looked like this;

There was a bit of a storm, you see.

Enough of a storm actually, for me to be greated by this sight in the morning.

I'm fairly sure that tree was standing straight the night before...?

Anyhow, while I work up the enthusiasm to photograph my latest finds, here's a collage of pics from that time when I dressed up as Rosie the riveter. Click for larger image.

I had a good weekend even though I had to work sunday. My bf took me winter bathing again, and this time there was a bit of snow and even some thin ice further out on the water.

Coming up is two days of 5 hour evening shifts, then two days off, then 8(!) days of work in a row...Including sat & sun shifts of 9 hours each. My life still has room for improvment, to say the least. Oh well, at least I'm not working christmas eve - no wait, I am. Crap.


Secret project revealed

So here what I was working on last week, I modified the pattern for this dress which fits me really well but has this annoying cut that makes my shoulder look miles wide.
I took this massive old sweater that was a hand me down from my aunt who was young when this stuff was in fashion. (Click for a larger image) It's been in my closet for years waiting for some attention, and now the time was here.

I undid the seams and cut accordingly to the pattern everywhere but the bust area.

I used the sleves for the bust-area, folded in two, and came up with this really versatile upper part (which is why I was so excited).

The dress actually feels really comfy and quite warm on the bits it covers, and I think it will be very useful as it is so versatile. I may also use the same idea and make a few more in different colours and patterns. Someday. This is how the finished product looks, as worn to the dance in Vuokatti at the weekend:

The weekend was absolutely fabulous by the way, the spa was great, we managed to visit six (!) different types of saunas, turkish, steam, finnish, smoke and more. Of course we did some swimming too, and lying around in different bubble pools etc. And in the evening was the dance thingy where we actually made a bit of progress with our dancing skills, still a long way to go though, hah.

Sunday we went skiing, the ski tunnel closed for maintenance just as we got there, but luckily there was a few km of outdoor track as well. It was quite fun, I haven't gone skiing in years, kinda hard if you live in the south of england for a couple of years...It wasn't all joy though, my feet hurt in every uphill because of the poor technique I must have been using. Oh well. Maybe it had something to do with several hours of dancing in high heeled boots the night before?


Cherries, finds and weekend plans

My new necklace, from the childrens dept. But I liked it, and the womens jewelery were so BIG, all of it, nothing for a petite Kitten like me. And the cherries didn't cost me much either.

The other day my intuition told me I should go to the Retro recyckling centre again, kinda hoping to find a nice stool to go with my make-up table. But no, no luck on that front, but what I did find got me pretty exited anyway. First, a set of retro sewing and fabrick colouring/printing books. I was thrilled, because I had been borrowing every book in sight about fabric printing and such that I could find in the library, without actually finding any really good books on the subject. And here I am, owning these inspiration sources - six books for 2 euros! Some day I'm gonna start printing...

In the handbag section I stubled upon this beauty:

It must be vintage because it smells just like the old cameras my grandmother gave me, the material even looks similar. And the attention to detail is amazing. I'm not 100% sure I will actually use it, because again, I'm rather petite and this bag is not...Plus the details are gold coloured, I'm a silver girl. But I had to have it, come on, it was 1€! It might start to live in my bookcase so I can admire it every day...

I also found a black pencil skirt, a bit boring but possibly very useful, and it looked vintage from the way it was made and the tag.

At the moment I'm pretty exited for the weekend, my bf is taking me skiing to Vuokatti, where we will be skiing inside a skiing tunnel and on the short outside skiingtrack - short, because there is only artificial snow there this time of the year. We will also be going out dancing on saturday night, dancing as in foxtrot and waltz, not clubbing, which should be fun even though were not that good...There is also a spa there, where we'll go swimming, winter bathing and enjoying the many saunas. I can't wait!



Tonight I feel really inspired. I've been sewing all day, and the result seems to be turning out even better than expected. However, it's not done quite yet...But here's some inspiration with a connection to my current project, unfortunately I haven't got any sources for these but anyway, can you spot the theme? :P


Kitten goes curly

Yesterday on my day off I decided to try pin-curling. I washed my hair, and stubborn as I am did not put any product in it, and with hair still damp I got to work. 25 bobby pins and half an hour later my hair looked like this:

I didn't really have a plan for how to arrance the curls, thay just ended up where ever. I have never been into using hair product so it felt a bit risky but hey, I used to braid my hair when wet when I was a kid and got waves from that, so why not give it a go. Plus I had no product to put in it in the first place.

A few hours later, after runnig around with a scarf round my head looking like rosie the riveter, I opened the curls. Some of the ends hadn't curled properly, most likely coz I hadn't had enough patience to really make sure thay were perfect...

Well of course I couldn't leave it like this, but gently combed through the curls with my fingers and shook my head a couple of times and voilá! Movie star curls. Kinda. (If you wanna see my curls up close you can click on the pictures.)

The curls did last for quite some time, even through a walk ouside in the wind, but as time passed the curls became bigger and today they look more like waves. But the result was better than anticipated, so I might try it again. Maybe even use some product to see if it makes any difference!

And now for some vintage hair inspiration! These are the sites I checked out before I got to work:
Rita SueEmpire Vintage

and Beauty is a thing of the past

Be sure to check out all the other stuff on these pages as well, lot's of inspiration! Have fun!


Another great weekend

Last friday was the preview of the musical "Oliver!" in which my 15 year old brother has one of the leading roles. I was a bit nervous but he did so well, I was really impressed. He sang, danced and acted like he'd never done anything else.

On saturday me and my bf went to my parents house to change the tires on my car. It was about time, as it had snowed quite a bit on friday. On our way back we dropped of my actor brother for his premiere (he's the one in the top hat, image from KUF) and then headed on to prepare for our evening plans, the dance gala!

We had so much fun, although we don't actually know the steps (for foxtrot) we made up our own and managed to get around the floor without crushing each others feet or anyone elses for that matter. It was great, I usually end up feeling kinda depressed and out of place every time I go out to clubs or events such as this one, (or my works x-mas party) but this time was different. I'm starting to believe that I could go anywhere with my boyfriend and enjoy it, because he's there. I'm so glad we ended up together!

This weekend was also what many call Halloween, but personally I'm a bit bothered that the rest of the world want to copy the americans and cannot stick to our own traditions. Because we do have our own holiday on the 31st of october, the all saint day, when the tradition has been to visit loved ones and relatives graves and light candles on them. But nope, I guess the younger people who perhaps dont have any graves to visit prefer to use any excuse to party...

About five years ago I did however go to a Halloween party, here pictured with my roomate at the time, who was pretty hot in that bin-liner...Wow, crazy how fast time passes. I cannot believe it 's been five years. Mad.