Kitten goes curly

Yesterday on my day off I decided to try pin-curling. I washed my hair, and stubborn as I am did not put any product in it, and with hair still damp I got to work. 25 bobby pins and half an hour later my hair looked like this:

I didn't really have a plan for how to arrance the curls, thay just ended up where ever. I have never been into using hair product so it felt a bit risky but hey, I used to braid my hair when wet when I was a kid and got waves from that, so why not give it a go. Plus I had no product to put in it in the first place.

A few hours later, after runnig around with a scarf round my head looking like rosie the riveter, I opened the curls. Some of the ends hadn't curled properly, most likely coz I hadn't had enough patience to really make sure thay were perfect...

Well of course I couldn't leave it like this, but gently combed through the curls with my fingers and shook my head a couple of times and voilá! Movie star curls. Kinda. (If you wanna see my curls up close you can click on the pictures.)

The curls did last for quite some time, even through a walk ouside in the wind, but as time passed the curls became bigger and today they look more like waves. But the result was better than anticipated, so I might try it again. Maybe even use some product to see if it makes any difference!

And now for some vintage hair inspiration! These are the sites I checked out before I got to work:
Rita SueEmpire Vintage

and Beauty is a thing of the past

Be sure to check out all the other stuff on these pages as well, lot's of inspiration! Have fun!

3 kommentarer:

Betty Lou sa...

Tyckte det blev väldigt bra på vissa ställen, nästa gång låt dom vara över natten och använd läggningsvätska/setting lotion.

Ninah sa...

Snyggt! :D

Kitten sa...

Betty Lou och Ninah: Tackar tackar! :)