New Old Skirts

I've bought a couple of skirts lately that I thought I'd show you. First up is the vintage black pencil skirt I got a few weeks back but never showed you, worn here with that handbag that I got from the same place, a second hand top from England and my new cherry necklace.

It appears I'm getting slightly influenced by all the cute blogger that wear a lot of bows, I've never really been into those but look at this, on saturday I found this brown leather skirt...with a little bow on the back.

Behold the quality, or lack there of, of my crappy old camera. The skirt from the front. 1€ it cost me, how could I resist?

Now this one I really couldnt resist, the lady in the charity shop gave it to me, as she was gonna put it in the "free stuff" box anyway, and since it was a couple of sizes too big. Hope me and my friend the sewing machine can fix that one.

I also bought two pieces of fabric in dark brown and dark blue corderoy, a sarong-like thingy to go with my bikini in the summer and two champagne glasses. At the moment I'm working on turning the brown fabric into a dress, wish me luck!

5 kommentarer:

Glamour-Och-Fläskpannkaka sa...

Nice skirts and i love your handbag!

Mrs Munster sa...

Pretty skirts! And I love the top on the first photo. Stunning.

the freelancer's fashionblog sa...

Great skirts and great hair!

Kitten sa...

Thank you ladies!

Katja Cintja sa...

i really like the first outfit..