Stormy weather

A few night ago the view from from my kitchen window was this calm and blue and snowy.

Last night it looked like this;

There was a bit of a storm, you see.

Enough of a storm actually, for me to be greated by this sight in the morning.

I'm fairly sure that tree was standing straight the night before...?

Anyhow, while I work up the enthusiasm to photograph my latest finds, here's a collage of pics from that time when I dressed up as Rosie the riveter. Click for larger image.

I had a good weekend even though I had to work sunday. My bf took me winter bathing again, and this time there was a bit of snow and even some thin ice further out on the water.

Coming up is two days of 5 hour evening shifts, then two days off, then 8(!) days of work in a row...Including sat & sun shifts of 9 hours each. My life still has room for improvment, to say the least. Oh well, at least I'm not working christmas eve - no wait, I am. Crap.

2 kommentarer:

Mrs Munster sa...

It looks so beautiful there with all the snow. I love those photos of you! Really rocking.

Kitten sa...

Oh, thank you! Today I had to dig my car out of a 10 cm layer of snow...and clim in through the passenger side as the lock on the drivers side freezes. Maybe it's a good thing that I don't have to use that car of mine very often :)