More changes!

In honour of my new life as a sewing student I have started a new blog;

(Klädkammare is swedish for wardrobe or closet so essentially it means Kitten's Closet)

Will you join me? 


This blog was never public in the sense that I haven't told my family about it or even many of my real life friends. I guess I didn't think they'd be interested. As time went on it felt more and more weird to go all "By the way, I've been blogging for the last three years and didn't tell you". But somehow studying to become a seamstress gives me the justification to be publicly interested in clothes AND blog about it even though nobody else I know does it. Anyway, remember to update your link pages if I'm on there and feel free to tell me about your blogs (preferably sewing and/or vintage related, please!) too so I can add you to my links when I get around to fixing that bit too.

See you at Kitten's Closet!