Dressing gowns and hairdo's

Last week I found theese two dressing gowns at the fleamarket. I was pretty happy as I've look at dressing gowns before but never found any nice one that would fit me and my taste. But when it rains it pours, two in one go, both in colours I feel at home in. Even matches my pyjama bottoms!

And check out my hair! I played around with my home-made hair rat again...

As I was in my neigbouring town touring my favourite fleamarket, I couldn't help but to stop by H&M as well. Pleased with myself for only buying 3 items, all on sale, I walked out of the store only to realise that I had completely forgotten about the second floor...Which was where all the goodies were, the 50's inspired dresses, the fake fur jackets and the polka dot umbrellas. None of which I can really afford or justify buying. Because I don't really need a 30 euro dress that I will only try on in front of my mirror at home...Dreaming continues.

This is the top I did buy, to go with any waist high skirts I might decide to wear. The jeans cost me 2 € at the fleamarket, as new.

Below my failed pin-curl attempt from the other day. I took the pins out to soon, so it didn't stay curly for long. Great patience, huh?

And finally, as requested, the back of my leopard print dress. Happy december!

8 kommentarer:

Ninah sa...

Tack för bilden på bakstycket! :)

Betty Lou sa...

åh lyllo dig, jag letar också efter fina morgonrockar men hittar bara fula!

du borde göra pincurlsen på kvällen och sov med dom, det blir ju inget om du tar ut dom om dom är fuktiga. måste vara helt torra annars blir det rakt igen väldigt fort.

första frillan var skitfin, jag är för lat för att fixa håret.

Kitten sa...

Ninah; Var så god!

Betty Lou; Jag hade också letat länge, så ge inte upp!
Ska testa sova med dem nån gång när jag har ledigt följande dag, vill ju inte betjäna kunder om man inte känner sig snygg i håret...Är du säker på att du är lat - att göra pin-curls tar ju sin tid det också!

Sam sa...

I love how you did your hair in the second and third picture!

Kitten sa...

Sam: Thanks, but I need a bit more practice before I dare wear it like that in public.

Mrs Munster sa...

That dress has got that va-va-voom! You;ve done really good job with your hair using hair rat. Wish I would have the patience! I added your blog in my blog list. Hope you don't mind.

Betty Lou sa...

jag är ruskigt lat. jag gör typ pincurls och sen drar jag igenom lite med fingrarna och sen orkar jag inte göra nåt mer haha.

Kitten sa...

Mrs Munster; Thanks, and of course I don't mind, I'll add you too when I get the time!

Betty Lou; Haha, om du insisterar så ;)