I went to the optician today and had my eyes checked. The lady recommended I get weaker lenses since the ones I have now are almost to strong and strain my eyes. And I'll use pretty much any excuse to get rid of my 3 year old mousy brown frames. They just feel so old and not me anymore. Here's me in my old glasses, new vintage hat and a stronger makeup then what I usually wear:And then some frames I tried on in the store. Which ones suit me best?

The statement black and stripy ones which feel too strongly coloured for my face?

Black & silver?

Very thin and mousy purple?

Dark metallic red?

Or the crazy, but fun, dark metallic top half, purpley gray lower half with the weird sides? Or none of the above? I was looking for some with a bit more vintage feeling but what is in fashion now as all wide and chunky in strong colours, like the black frames which just feels too much on somebody petite like me...

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Tiia sa...

Hi, I personally think the dark metallic red frame fits you best.
But I could also imagine something a little more vintage like these:



Ps: I just started to follow your blog, I hope that's fine!

Mrs Munster sa...

Dark metallic red look pretty great.

Kitten sa...

Tiia; I wish I had the chance to even try on anything like those in the pictures, but no luck. I chose the glasses in the last picture, because I felt the other ones were too similar to my old ones and too boring. Hope I don't regret this...And of course it's ok if you wanna follow my blog, in fact, I think it's great! Welcome back!

Mrs Munster; Thanks, these were my number two's...but as stated above I went with the more extreme & crazy ones. No more being subtle for me! :S

Betty Lou sa...

tycker du passar bäst i dom svarta. dom andra gjorde att du såg mycket äldre ut

Kitten sa...

Betty Lou; Tack för din åsikt, nu har jag dock beställt de på sista bilden och hoppas innerligt att jag kommer att trivas i dem :S

Anonym sa...

I think the ones in the last picture, dark red, look the best..

Jose sa...

Olisin sanonut nuo mustat ehdottomasti! But that's because I'm always fond of dark frames. :)

Jag är nu på lovet i en vecka, ihanaa. Och endast ett halv år kvar, sen ska jag få börja leva for real. Can't wait!

God jul, M! *<:)

Kitten sa...

Anonym: Thanks, I thought so too!

Jose: Otin nuo viimeiset, ja tällä hetkellä ainakin tuntuu hyvältä, viihdyn! Säkert skönt att få ha lov, jag har som mest 4 dagar i rad ledigt, men sen får jag ju resa till Milano också! :) God Jul till dig också! :D