Change of plans

Guess where this kitten will be spending new years eve? In Milan! My bf has a long holiday over x-mas and he wanted to go somewhere...So we're taking a ryanair flight over to Milan for a (very) short stay. I'm so excited!

The camera I wanted was unfortunately sold, so now, unless another one for as good a price shows up, I'll be putting my monies towards the trip. Can't have it all!

Right, now I need to get ready for work again. This week is not that great, work from 13 to 21 every day? I have no time to do my own thing! Well, it'll be over soon. Right?

2 kommentarer:

Mrs Munster sa...

Milan sounds fabulous. Hope you have brilliant time there!

Kitten sa...

Mrs Munster; Thanks, I hope so too!