Last week I decided to check out this charity shop that in the past has had 99% poor quality, washed out stuff and possibly some jewels if you have enough patience. This jacket caught my eye because of the pretty detail on the collar and pockets. It looked home made - but had a tag saying "38". Then perhaps, it was just very old. So I tried it on.

The shoulder pads had been taken out, but the shape was still visible. It was starting to look pretty 40's...But 38 is one size too big for me, however, this baby has no lining. Hooray for me, as this means I can easily alter it to fit me perfectly!

It's gonna take some work though. Only 2 out of 4 buttons were still in the jacket, the sleeves were a bit short, shoulderpads gone and so on, and the skirt was meant for somebody with waay bigger hips. But still. If I can make it work. If not, all I have lost is 3 euros and some time. Wish me luck!

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