I think I might attend this little festival on saturday. Anybody else going?

Last weekend was pretty nice, we did go dancing and slept in the caravan, where the heating worked just fine I might add! Yesterday was also dancing, we learned the basics of the waltz. Quite fun although I did have some trouble to begin with...Hope everyone is having a nice weekend whatever you are doing!

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Zizzi sa...

Jag skulle ABSOLUT vara där om jag var hos mina svärföräldrar, men nu är jag tyvärr på andra sidan vattnet.

Mrs Munster sa...

Caravan and dancing. Sounds like a fab weekend!

Kitten sa...

Zizzi; Men kanske ni är i trakterna på jakobsdagar? :)

Mrs Munster; It was! I'm hoping to have a good night tonight aswell, maybe even meet some rockabellas? :)

Angel sa...

I wish we had things like that here.

I left you an award here: http://angelsstylescrapbook.blogspot.com/2010/03/10-facts-about-me.html

Kitten sa...

Angel; Thank you!