Shoes = happiness?

I just bought 3 pairs of really pretty hush puppies shoes, normally priced at 99-119 euros each. I paid 25,50 altogether, and these are brand new. Working in a supermarket has it's advantages...! I got two of these, one black and one red pair, as well as a different model which I'll have to photograph later.
You cannot even imagine how happy this makes me, as finding shoes small enough for my tiny feet can be pretty hard. Lucky for me, these shoes were all small for their sizes, so a 36 actually fit me!

Anyway, I'll have to get going, my bf is taking me skiing over the weekend, and dancing, and to a place considered to be sauna land. Hope you have a nice weekend too!

5 kommentarer:

fröken lila sa...

you are so lucky! you must feel like you came to shoe-paradise =) those are really pretty, and hush puppies are so comfortable as well!

Mrs Munster sa...

I agree that shoes = happiness. Definitely! Or maybe it means that you've got bad addiction?

Kitten sa...

Fröken Lila; Friday the 13th may be my lucky day, who would have thought?! :D

Mrs Munster; Addiction, me? I only have 1,2,3...about 40 pairs, and that's not much now is it? ;)

Annie S sa...

A girl can never have too many shoes! :)

Kitten sa...

Annie; I totally agree! :D