Too much?!

I feel like I've been shopping a lot lately. Visiting fleamarkets and the like every other day, been today, went yesterday and going again on wednesday... But ok, I haven't really been spending that much money. Yesterday I spent 2 euros, on friday only 90 cents! So I guess I can accept that, right? This is what I spent 3 euros on last wednesday, some tight and very long black and gold sriped trousers, will have to take those up, and a GREEN top. I never wear green. Maybe because my mother used to dislike it so much, at least certain shades of it. This shade I like, It's pretty dark and calm. Mission "more colour into my wardrobe" continues.

At the same place I found the above, I also picked up this cute little dress. I love the skirt cause it's quite full and I get a bit of a 50's feel when I wear it. The belt is my mum's old and I'm so glad I finally found something to wear it with!

The coat used to my mum's as well, at least I think so...It is pretty, um, attention-grabbing? At least that's how I feel when wearing it. It is thick and heavy and the wind blows right through it. I guess I've got a bit of a love-hate relationship towards it. It looks nice with a skirt though. Perhaps I shall sew myself some skirts using the dress as inspiration? Sometime in the future. When I've got the time...
Yesterday was an interesting day. In the morning my bf took me to a yard sale where I found an ice cream bowl to go with the 3 i have from before, as well as two pretty table cloths in a 50's inspired pattern, whcih I might show you it i get round to photographing them. For lunch we tried eating sushi, which was a new experience for both of us. It was pretty ok, reminded me taste-wise of the food I had at that japanese restaurant in London a while back. I'll probably have it again, although I'm not sure it will make it to my list of favourite foods...

Later in the afternoon I decided to try "winter-bathing" which is one of my boyfriends hobbies. He's been doing it for years and I was kinda curious. Basically you sit in a hot sauna and every now and then you go outside for a dip/swim, in the winter in a hole in the ice. Yesterday the water was 7 degrees celsius so a bit warmer than in the winter. But I surprised myself by actually getting into the water, I didn't swim though. Maybe next time. Cause it was actually quite fun! And I liked being able to understand and share this with my bf, as it's something he really enjoys.
This picture is from a newspaper article a few years back about winter-bathing - featuring my boyfriend!

Right, now I'm off to start making lunch and then put together my latest purchase from the "retro" recucling shop. Hint; it's a piece of furniture, and I think it dates back to the 50's or 60's.

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Mrs Munster sa...

winter bathing is brutal. I've never tried it, but I would imagine it's...well cold. Great finds from flea markets. I love the black dress.

Little Rascal sa...

That black dress looks wonderful on you.

Kitten sa...

Mrs Munster: I expexted it to be much worse than it was as well, but after you've been in a hot sauna for a while it's pretty nice to get outside to cool down. Not saying that I'll stick to that when it's minus 20 though...And thanks, the dress is actually dark brown but the picture is a bit dark, whoops!

Little Rascal: Thank you! Again, it's dark brown, sorry for the poor picture quality, my camera is really bad as soon as it gets even a bit darker. :(