Moving on

The weekend was spent with my boyfriend fixing stuff at the flat and visiting my parents. I'm lucky because my bf is one of those men who know how to handle a skrewdriver, so he put up lamps for me enabling me to actually see what I'm doing round here...

I picked up a few things from my parents house, apart from a couple of rugs I also took back 2 pairs of trousers, a pair of suspenders and a skirt. Trouser pair #1 :
These trousers are from the 70's or a little earlier, pin-striped and very flared at the bottom. Sadly they are a bit ichy as well. Maybe if I wear tights underneath?

Trouser pair # 2 are dark blue corderoy from a similar time period, not quite as flared but very nice for the autumn. I have no idea where the suspenders are from...
(click for bigger image)

I also dragged my poor bf to a couple of flea markets in search for anything nice for the flat. The only thing I found was this awesome retro lamp which looked a bit liek a combination of the lower part of this lamp magnified to about 40 cm wide, and the lower bits of the lamp underneath, in white. It was huge, so enormous that I didn't buy it as I was worried it would hang to low in my flat. Also, my bf thought it was hideous. It would have been 20 €. I am tempted to go back for it, but the fact remains that it might hang to low...Ah, dilemma!


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Mrs Munster sa...

Great looking trousers and the lamps are just adorable.

Kitten sa...

Mrs munster: Thank you! :)