Moving-in party and a movie (or two!)

On saturday I had a small moving-in party with a few close friends. This is what I served:

Very tasty, and most of it healthy as well. It was pretty nice to have a part of my teenage gang assebled again, it has indeed been a while! One of my friends is engaged and pregnant with her second baby, another is also engaged and works as a journalist, one is a teacher to be and the fourth is on her way to egypt on holiday right about now...We had a lot to talk about!

I've been thinking for a while about this whole blogging thing, why I read blogs and why I write my own. In the end, for me, all it really comes down to is inspiration. I want to get inspired and I want to inspire others, the same way they inspire me. I used to borrow interiour decoration magazines from the library and actually photograph the pictures that inspired me and then save them on my computer. Now, I hunt the web for pretty pictures, patterns, colour combinations and appealing design. My folder of inspiration has 2299 files in it and it just keeps growing! And to keep me inspired I have set it as a screensaver-slide show, works pretty well...So I thought I might start to share a little bit more of my inspiration with you!

Todays theme is the movie "8 femmes", or "eight women", it's in french, it's a musical and the clothes are fantastic. See it if you're interested! Imdb link here.

Hah, as I was finishing this post the phone rang. It appears I have won a couple of dvd's in a competition! How funny, I never win anything...I think it was the latest Cameron Diaz film + another one. Wow. Add that to my collection of what, 8 dvd's in total? Anyway, I'm pleased! :)

3 kommentarer:

Betty Lou sa...

den filmen har jag hemma nånstans, har inte sett den än. bara snutten när dom dansar till den där underbara låten. en av mina favvo-låtar.

Mrs Munster sa...

The table with all the food makes me so hungry. Nice to hear you had great house warming party. I have to check that film out. Looks good.

Kitten sa...

Betty Lou: Jasså du har filmen?! Ta och se den vettja! :)

Mrs Munster: Do check it out, I really enjoyed it, hope you do too if you get hold of it.