It is done. All my stuff is here at the new place and the keys to the old place are handed in and so on. I've been busy having a terrible cold and fixing up my new living quarters. It's getting there, slowly. So much stuff that I still need to get though, such as a few more lamps and rugs. But I like it here. It's starting to look pretty cozy.

My old flat was partly decorated the way my boyfriend at the time wanted it, but after we broke up I did change a few things, but still not enough to really make it feel completely mine. This time around I'm living on my own and I get to decide everything. However my bf did like how the place looks now so much that he's started to get ideas about moving in together! When we get there though it'll have to be a place a bit bigger than this...

This is how my old living room used to look like:

Detail of my camera collection:

Right, now I need to prepare for work, I'm working evenings both this week and the next. Oh, well, at least I can sleep longer in the mornings.

3 kommentarer:

Mrs Munster sa...

Those old cameras are really cute! I love moving to a new place and start organising everything. Then again it took me almost a year to organise things in our recent house!

Betty Lou sa...

när du vill bli av med kamerorna så vet du vart jag finns ;D och fladdermusstolen för den delen också

Kitten sa...

mrs Munster: Thanks, I've been surprisingly quick at getting my things organised at the new flat, just need to get those bits and pieces bought now to make it complete!

Betty Lou: Hehhe, kan nog hända att du får vänta ett bra tag ;)