I love lamp

What a rainy day. It gets me down a bit but then I try to remind myself of how good my life really is at the moment. This time last year my life was far from it. I had just started my cleaning job, which at the time made me feel like I'd failed, me and my bf at the time were living on the small amount of money a part time job provides while we were waiting for his student money to come through. At the same time I was also adapting to being back in Finland, trying to help my bf to adapt and learn the language, take care of myself and him and the flat and I had a few design-deadlines just to top things off. In short, I was a bit stressed. No, I was very stressed.

But this time around things are so much better, my job is better and my flat is nicer, I've got a touch more money to live on and my new boyfriend is just great. I can't really ask for more can I?

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about my new lamp. Because I couldn't resist. It stayed on my mind and I kept imagining it hanging from the ceiling...So I went back for it. And now I'm in love. I had a feeling it was goint to be one of those things that would make me smile evey time I look at it. And it does.

These curtains are in the same category of thing that make me smile. They are my mum's old and I wanted to put them up now when it's getting darker. Six more suns should get me through the dark months don't you think?

Ah, I am so happy I went back for it!

4 kommentarer:

Alice sa...

GReat lamp! I think it have style and a very hot light, isn't it?

The curtains are funny!

Kitten sa...

Alice: Thank you! :)

the freelancer's fashionblog sa...

Yes the lamp is real nice. I think we had something similar at home when I was small.

Kitten sa...

Freelancer: Cool, I wish my parents had a bit more cool stuff left from the 60's and 70's. But hey, at least I got those curtains!