Nightie, nightie!

There's this charity shop in town that I've been to a few times, and the last time I went there I decided to dig through the box of undergarments and pyamas and the like. Down at the bottom, overlooked all the previous times I'd been there, was a treasure of vintage nighties and underskirts and more. Check out this one in blue;

Similar thing but in pink;

This one looked 30's at first but upon closer inspection I was unsure due to the quality of the seams. It's actually light blue and white stripey, not as white as it appears here;

There was a skin coloured slip that was even my size;

And a white one that was a bit too big, but still wearable, I think...

And then there were these funny looking underpants that I'll probably cut up and make something else out of, the lace was pretty nice.

I also got a couple of half slips, plain ones, for like 50 cent a piece. And this oversized pyama top in leopard print! I intend to make something else out of this one too, I'm just not too sure what it's gonna be yet, any suggestions? Right now I'm off for a shower and a quick tidy-up of the flat, my mum's coming over in about an hour!

7 kommentarer:

the freelancer's fashionblog sa...

Great finds! Supersweet and pretty hot at the saem time ;)

Stéphanie sa...

So sweet and so nice !

Little Rascal sa...

I only use 50's-60's nightgowns like that and my man hates it for some reason.
I myself love them.

Kitten sa...

Freelancer, Stéphanie; Thanks, I was pretty pleased :)

Rascal; Cool, I've tried sleeping in all of them but haven't decided on any favourite yet.

A spoonful of mint sa...

The blue one looks like something Mia Farrow would wear in "Rosemarys baby". Very nice :)

Kitten sa...

Spoonful; Thanks, haven't seen the movie but the pics on imdb shows her wearing something similar, pretty cool... :)

Shannon (A beautiful Dream) sa...

That pink one is lovely!

I love finding vintage nightwear - the lace on slips and such is always exquisite.