Today was my last day working as a cleaner. The job was tough, sweeping floors for 4-5 hours is a pretty good work-out, but it is also pretty straining for your shoulders and arms, your back and your knees, all areas where problems have started to appear lately...So tomorrow morning I'm treating myself to a massage!

Although I didn't care too much for the job itself I did quite like the atmosphere and the people who I cleaned around. But I do wonder what it says about me that the people I got along with the best were 36+ aged males...? Ok, so there weren't many women working there either but still. This is how lovely I looked:
But no more! From now on I'll be cleaning dressed like this:

Or something along those lines...So now I've got two days off before I start my new job. I'm getting a bit nervous for it but I should be fine - after a few weeks or so. I hope. But I'm sure it'll be a whole lot better than cleaning toilets.

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Mrs Munster sa...

Have a nice few days off before starting your new job!

Kitten sa...

Mrs Munster: Thanks, I've already been for the massage, looovley! :)

Tette sa...

Hm...jeppisbo... Själv står ja ju nu i valet och kvalet mellan jeppis och kokkola. What to do? What to do? Vad får man månne betala för en lite pyttelägenhet i Jeppis? Det som dock drar rätt hårt till Jeppis är torsdagsjazzen. Ha d gott på nya jobbet!! :)