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I'm feeling a bit like someone who does not practice what they preach. A few days after writing about limiting my shopping I have gone and placed two(!) orders for new clothes...But then again, I am trying to get some stuff that I ehem, think, I need for our upcoming trip to Grand Canaria. Like a new bikini!


This on is from Halens and I ordered it in navy blue with white dots (click on the image to see the whole bikini). I also ordered the top in black, in case it might match some bottoms I already own. I would have liked the bottoms to bee a bit more retro with a higher waist but I haven't been able to find any in this country...

At Haléns I also spotted a coat that I could not pass by, come on, it's fake leopard! And on sale...(click for source)


I also realized that my beloved white (well, used to be white) ballerinas are falling apart and that I desperately need some white shoes for warmer days. So I sent for some to try on from Ellos;

Hopefully they are comfortable even with the heel, and small enough for my tiny feet! I also completely fell in love with these;

And because I have started to like my converse style winter shoes so much, I wanted something similar for summer;

Okay, so I might not keep all this stuff that I just ordered, being a size tiny I kinda need to send for a few alternatives and hope that at least one might fit me. Besides a girl can never have enough shoes, right? Eh...

4 kommentarer:

VildesVerden sa...

Love the jacket!

Kitten loves vintage sa...

VildesVerden; So do I, I really hope it fits me!

Erika sa...

Superfina saker, hoppas de passar!
Jag har också varit lite odygdig denna månad, både handväska, handskar, lite syböcker, fina saker till köket... Oj oj oj... Men ibland så snubblar man över olika saker som man faktiskt varit på utkik efter. Då får man shoppa med gott samvete =)

Kitten loves vintage sa...

Erika; Det hoppas jag också...Håller med om att man borde tillåta sig gott samvete ifall det gäller saker man varit på jakt efter en tid, då borde de ju vara sånt man "behöver"...:)