Seven things you didn't know about me, part 2

The "seven things you didn't know about me" series continues! Here's fact number two;

I'm a feminist. I have recently found several interesting (swedish) blogs about the subject, and the more I learn about feminism, the more it appeals to me. I think it's ridiculous that women get paid less than men and that 99% of the worlds assets are owned by men. It bothers me that women around the world still can be bought or sold as if they were cattle or something. I get annoyed when people generalize and assume that all women are a certain way, or say things like "of course he will react like this, he's a man" as if all men react the same. I don't understand why it's okay for a girl to wear trousers, but not okay for a man to wear a skirt. I mean seriously, anatomically skirts ought to be quite comfortable for men when you think about it, right?

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Okay so I got side-tracked. I just think it's sad that we are brought up and denied certain toys/clothes/colours because of our gender. I'd like all (positive) traits/roles to be available to all people. I'd like to live in a world where we treat each other as individuals, as opposed to women/men, white/coloured, gay/straight etc. I think women/girls should be able to do or wear typical men's/boys stuff if they want to without being seen as butch and probably lesbian, and that men and boys should be able to do or wear typical women's/girls stuff if they want to, without being seen as weak or feminine and suspected of being gay. Why are we so quick to judge each other? And why are typically feminine traits seen as undesirable?

In my own life I try not to expect anything in particular when I meet new people based on how they look. I try to be open to all options, and treat everyone the same. Of course this does not always work (I'm only human!) but I try...And when my friends start having babies they won't be given anything pink or baby blue from me...but if it's a boy he might get a doll and a girl might get a toy car just in case no one else thought about giving the kids more to choose from than the "normal" set. 

Of course it's okay with pink dresses and dolls for girls and cars and blue trousers for boys, but shouldn't it be okay the other way around too? What do you think? Why? 

Anyways, here's a picture of a feminist going out for a meal with the workmates. No skirts in sight!

Last but not least, here's some links to the swedish feminist blogs I read;

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Mrs Munster sa...

There just is something already genetically programmed (if I can put it so brutally) that there are women & men and they act and behave differently - even if they are treated equally. I.E hormones on their own cause that new mothers have quicker response to babies need than new fathers. Why- that's just how it is.
Even if my lil man has had access to dolls as well as car he doesn't care for the dolls - but somehow he knew how to play with a car (even if he wasn't shown).
Do get me wrong, I'm totally pro women having the same salary and equal rights to men. But a man cannot be a woman and vice versa. Call me closed minded conservative :)

Kitten loves vintage sa...

Mrs Munster; Ah, but are you sure that is the case with absolutely everyone? And is it only hormones affecting us, what about how we have been brought up? Could it be that we as women are taught since childhood how to look after others, while men don't get that as much? Also there are women who don't get any feelings at all for their newborns. Of course this may not be so common but still, it does happen. And obviously many kids are going to choose toys according to the norm, but what about those who don't? Should we tell them "No, only girls can play with dolls!"? Should we limit the kids, try to change their personality? If you really think about it?

Also, there are people who have changed their gender from one to the other you know ;) My questions to you are then; How much of what you think you know about men and women, could possibly be generalized? Based on what we learn from the world around us? I mean, if manliness/womanliness is genetic, why aren't the same thing considered typically male/female in every part of the world? Trying to broaden you mind juust a little bit... ;)

Tanja sa...

my 4 year old lass likes girly n boy things. it's all about the balance. she's got lots of toycars alongside my little pony n barbie dolls. hormones n biology tell us what we are but they're not correct at all times. transsexuals tend to have changes in genes n chromosomes, that make them feel different. some cases have both gender genitalia...boys aren't encouraged to play with dolls or are not taught empathy skills the same as girls. that's where the differencies come from. altho i'm not saying that all things feminine are good. i'm not very feminine myself so my views are very mixed anyway.i think u should be paid for your job, not your sex or appearance. so all these targets of how many of this and that a company should have is also bullshit. hope to continue discussion as it is a good subject.

Rosy sa...

I completely agree with you. Accepting the fact that the genes tested tips the balance of tastes of men and women, we should all be educated the same way ... this is possible now, today women are not educated to clean and cook, but have access to careers in college like the man, but like a doll or a toy car is like the color like black or pink, this is in the genes. The important thing is not to judge anyone in advance ..

Kitten loves vintage sa...

Tanja; I am also questioning the whole "girls like girly stuff because they are girls"-way of thinking, and wondering how much of that is based on what we pick up as kids. I think it's great that your daughter can play with all kinds of toys! :)
I can also agree to that all feminine traits are not good, but on the other hand, neither are all male. I'd like the good from both to be available to both men and women...

I'm not so sure that the gender quotes that companies have are necessarily a bad thing, as the system as it is now is obviously not working. I just can't believe that there's not any women who are qualified-so why aren't they getting these jobs?

Kitten loves vintage sa...

Rosy; I'm not sure what you mean here, do you think boys genetically choose toy cars and girls choose dolls, or do you think children genetically like cars or dolls because of personality and NOT gender? I agree on that we should not judge people in advance, because we often get it wrong...!

Tanja sa...

girls like girly stuff because they are taught into it. adverts, models, surroundings, all say the same. women are useless vain creatures that slice up their bodies and suffer just so men like them. silicone tits etc. my lass wanted spiderman knickers, so i bought her boys ones, as nobody makes em for girls. gender quotas are bs, because u should be hired for the skills, not sex, colour etc. the main reason why there are few women in top jobs is to make it there you need to be ruthless sociopath, and tread on others. success doesn't come free. and unfortunately women are taught to be compassionate n empathise, which makes it hard to be a complete asshole n rip money out of others. altho there are exceptions.like politicians. women or men, both the same. full of shit. =)

Tanja sa...

and just little addition, it's all about the balance. too manly or too feminine is bad. the in-between should be best. and i'll be getting my daughter a tattoo machine n a welder when she turns 16. XD

Kitten loves vintage sa...

Tanja; I've never liked the idea of changing the way you are/look to please someone else (men). So I haven't, and what do you know, I've still got a man!! Hehehe...

Gender quotas might be needed though, because I suspect that men hire other men and ignore female applicants even though the females may be better suited. But hiring someone just cos' they need a few girls to fill the quota (not because of skill) is of course not very smart either.

Sometimes I wonder if this and the older generations are "lost" already (too late to teach enough of us new ways of thinking now) and maybe we should just focus on the next generation? Like the young nowadays, as a girl you're not likely to be encouraged to go for jobs that can lead to high posts, nobody expects you too, you probably don't even think you can do it yourself (because we haven't been brought up to think we can, we've been brought up to be pretty so that boys like us and/or to take care of others/be mothers).

Ha, ha, don't even get me started on spiderman and barbie like princesses...What sort of rolemodels are these figures for kids? Boys are strong superheroes who fight evil and save the helpless, but pretty, girl? Personally I'd like to see some (normal looking) girls rescuing boys sometimes...

Glad to hear your lass likes spiderman, and those upcoming birthday pressies she's gettin sound pretty awesome. :D Keep up the good work!