Would you ever consider going out with a table mat on your head?

Funny how I blog so much less the weeks Mr Kitten and I work similar hours, as in happen to be home at the same time...Anyone else get that? There's no time to read other people's blogs and keep one up myself unless I got the flat to myself, and there's enough light to take photos, and I have something to take photos of etc. I just don't get how some people are able to post every single day?! Don't these people have work, families and so on? Maybe I'm just a slow blogger...

Anyway, since it's been a while since the energy to take photos has occurred on a sunny day with no work, I'll show some older photos. Here for example, is a table mat turned hat and a pair of cute leopard-gloves that I don't think I've shown before.

Both from Citymarket. I made the "hat" by wetting the middle part of it in sugar and water, and then shaping it between two bowls until the water had evaporated. The material seems to be some kind of plastic, (a natural material would probably get a stronger/better shape) so I 'm actually surprised it changed shape at all! Once dry, and stiffened by the sugar, I just attached an elastic band to keep it on my head and voilá;

I am considering making the brim a bit smaller though, to better suit my small head. I'll also add some flowers or something, depending on occasion and whether or not I'll ever go out with a table mat on my head...A tip for others who wear hats, is to get those candle decoration thingies (ljus-manchett in swedish) and use the plastic flowers from those to vary your hats, or match the hat with the colours of the rest of the outfit. Around here, the decorations only cost 10-50 cents at the flea-markets, so it's a really cheap way to get hold of hobby material. Have you ever tried your hand a hat-making?

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Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage sa...

Wow! I love it! I would totally go out with a table mat on my head if it looked as good as yours! I've been dying to get into hat making for a long time, just never made the time to do it. I think I may have to set aside some weekend time to try it out. As for blogging frequently, I take a lot of pics on the weekend when my husband is home and there is still light, then save them up for use throughout the week. Otherwise, there's no way I'd post anything during the week! :) I'm a stay at home mom so I write a lot of blog posts while my peanut is napping and save them as drafts to post at a later date. I keep a notebook of blog post ideas and what kind of pics I need for them to keep me inspired, and to keep me from forgetting things! :P

vicen sa...

Hi, I have dedicated a post to your site in my vintage collection:
Hope you like.

Erika sa...

Jag bor själv, och även om jag ibland saknar att ha någon hemma så är det onekligen bra för kreativiteten och bloggandet att inte ha det. Är dock också väldigt imponerad av folk som lyckas blogga dagligen (och hela tiden skriver intressanta inlägg), men har inte alls den aspirationsnivån själv. Känner igen bild-problemet, är ofta som inlägg inte blir gjorda för att ljuset är för dåligt för fotografering. Borde innebära mer inlägg under sommaren, men antar att alla nordbor då istället är upptagna med att vara ute =)
Vilken rolig idé till hatten! Har aldrig prövat att göra hattar, det står på önskelistan över saker jag ska lära mig nån gång i mitt liv.

Kitten loves vintage sa...

Brittany; Thank you for you comment! I say go for it when it comes to hat-making, it's not that difficult if you start of with something simple, good luck!

Ah, good to learn new ways of getting blog post done, I never thought about saving drafts, I might just start doing that, thanks for the tip!

Vicen; Wow, thank you! :)

Erika; Jag har nog inte heller sådana aspirationer, utan försöker få gjort ungefär ett inlägg per vecka. Jag kan nog också tänka mig att jag faktisk fotar mycket mer under sommaren, men kanske tenderar att klämma in fler bilder per inlägg istället för att posta oftare?
Idén till hatten kommer delvis från Lillgull/One dreamy closet, som gjort mini-hattar på liknande sätt...Hattmakeri tycker jag är kul, lite kompliment till att sy kläder. Kanske du prövar på nu när du har dans-förbud?

Mrs Munster sa...

What a great idea. Very Kitten-like...you seem to turn so many things into fabulous pieces.

Kitten loves vintage sa...

Mrs Munster; Yup, it's all part of my filosofy! :)