Dressing like a granny

Hello readers! This is what I'm wearing at the moment of typing;

I just finished turning the skirt from a size 38 to a size 34 and I just had to wear it right away. I won't be wearing it too much longer though, Mr Kitten and I are soon going out for a meal with some of his friends and after that, we're all going to see the local revue "Oopåålapåtte". I'll probably go wearing my red jeans and something more rockabella-style than 40's inspired...Mr Kitten tends to think I dress like his grandma did when I wear vintage and I'm not sure that's the impression I want his friends to get of me, hah.

Anyway, I managed to finish a non-sewing project this week also, I turned this;

Into this;

A lot more to my taste...I used gift wrapping paper and some leftover plain black paper. Didn't even take that long! Right, I'd better go have a look in my closet so that I have an outfit ready when it's time to go, hope you all have a lovely weekend!

6 kommentarer:

Zizzi sa...

Jag tycker du har så fina kläder! KRam cissi

Erika sa...

Inte ser du ut som en mormor! Eller, ja, men på ett bra sätt =)Jag brukar skämta att jag samlar tantpoäng istället för vuxenpoäng.
Superfina kläder, som vanligt älskar jag hur du leker med färgmatchningen, så otroligt snyggt!

Kitten loves vintage sa...

Zizzi; Tack, det brukar jag ju oftast tycka själv också :) Kram!

Erika; Hehe, tack tack! Kanske vi kan göra det coolt att se ut som tanter? Kram!

Boo Boo Kitty sa...

I love to dress like a granny!

Vintage Girl sa...

I love it, you look adorable! Love the new hat too!

Kitten loves vintage sa...

Boo Boo Kitty; I do too! :)

Vintage Girl; Oh, thank you! :)