One step closer

I went back and got it. The sideboard. I've been looking for one for months, and the weekend before last when we stopped at a flea market in Kauhava on our way to a dance, I spotted one. In good shape too, apart from one loose door which Mr. Kitten fixed for me once I got it home. As I didn't want to bring it to the dance and have it occupy half the caravan, I had to leave it behind, but a few days later I had the day off and convinced my dear mother to go on a mother-daughter road trip. In my parents volvo with plenty of room in the back...

The sideboard is now filling an otherwise hard to fill corner of our kitchen, acting as storage for my fabrics, which I previously didn't quite have a good place for. Now I just need to find some vintage shelves for the living room, a vintage sofa table, some nice lamps...But at least I'm one piece of furniture closer to a vintage inspired home.

I'm also one step closer to becoming Mrs. Kitten, we had a small engagement party for the family last week and here's what I wore;

The skirt is self-made and the earrings are vintage;

As I'm pretty new at collecting vintage (and because I live in such a small town) the apartment I share with Mr. Kitten still has very few items of vintage furniture. So I'm curious, what do your homes look like? Do you collect both vintage (and/or replica) clothes and furniture or just one or the other?

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fröken lila sa...

you really make me smile when you write about ebcoming mrs. kitten.. especially since i guess that mr.kitten got his name from you in this blog =)

anyways, i also think you're lucky to have a boyfriend and to-be-husband who lets you have vintage furniture. mine still needs some training in that direction...

Mrs Munster sa...

Great sideboard! I would love to have all vintage furniture. I could've gotten loads when my hubby's grandparents house was cleared. By that time we had all furniture we needed, so it felt bit pointless to get rid of ours for that. As lovely as old furniture is, I feel that they lack of storage space (like old wardrobes - only few shelves). And with a lil one...well. Ikea stuff is unfortunately more convenient :)

Kitten sa...

Fröken Lila; He he, I thought about it too when I wrote it, doesn't really make much sense, does it? :)

And just as a note; he's not that thrilled about my vintage interests (reminds him too much of old ladies) but luckily he sees no point in arguing about e.g. furniture, as he's not that interested anyway. As long as there's a tv and a comfortable couch... :)

Mrs Munster; I thought about the babies combined with precious old furniture aspect too, but then again, I can't be guaranteed that I can even have babies so...Besides, it only cost 70 euros. And it IS storage! :)

Erika sa...

Vilken underbar skänk! Eller kanske linneskåp? Hmm... Snyggt var det i alla fall! Letar faktiskt själv med lyktor och ljus efter en hög skänk (tre-dörrars, ca 160*50*110. Inte så att jag har specifika önskemål... ; ) ) att ha porslinet i. Det nya köket har väldigt lite skåp!

Jag kan beundra andra som fyller sina hem med strikt vintage, men när jag tänker på det för min egen lägenhet så skulle det kännas för mycket som att bo i ett "movie-set". Jag blandar hej vilt istället. Lite second hand, lite loppisfyndat, mycket arvegods i olika stilar och några få saker som är nyköpta. Det blir ingen enhetlig stil, men det blir jag =) Sen finns det såklart saker jag skulle vilja byta ut, utöka etc, men bit för bit så håller jag på att inreda min lägenhet.
Jag ska flytta snart, hoppas väl på att kunna ta lite bilder i början av nästa månad. Har varit så svårt att ta vettiga bilder i den nuvarande lägenheten, den är så liten.

Ha det bra!

Kitten sa...

Erika; Tack, när jag frågade mamma påstod hon nog att det var en skänk, och att det är tänkt att man ska ha porslin i den. Fast jag har tyg... :) I något senare skede (typ om vi köper hus) kanske den hamnar i vardagsrummet, en orsak till varför jag sökte en skänk var nämligen bilder jag sett på johanna östs blogg, väldigt fint inrett har hon.

100% vintage blir nog aldrig mitt hem heller, men lite enhetligare än det är nu, och med färre mdf-möbler, får det gärna bli.

Lycka till med packandet och flytten! Kram!

Glamour-Och-Fläskpannkaka sa...

snygg interiör! och du var också snygg!

Anonym sa...

Even though we have a post-war 50's house - it's more modern than vintage. Though we hate the really modern look, so everything is just "classic".

On a different note - I noticed that your glasses aren't vintage! My friend and I discovered this frame maker who has an amazing range of vintage style frames! You might like to check it out: http://www.rogerhenley.com.au/

Little Rascal sa...

Love the sideboard!
Cute dress. <3

Jenny Olofsson sa...

Vilket snyggt sideboard!:D

Kitten sa...

Glamour; Tack! :)

Sassy; Thanks for the link, saw some cool looking frames there, but at the moment I'm actually quite happy with what I got - that, and Mr Kittens loud protests to vintagesque frames has me considering contacts before new frames... ;)

Rascal; Thanks!

Jenny; Tack!