Sweet Bettie Booh passed this little award over to me;

Thank you! Now I'm suppoed to pass this on to 10 of my favourite blogs, but I'm a little short on time (and terrible at making up my mind) so I'll just do the questions that came along with it. Feel free to do the same if you like! Answers should only be one word.

1.Where is your phone? Here

2.Your hair? Two-toned

3.Your Mother? Caring

4.Your Father? Bearded

5.Your favourite food? Asian

6.Your dream last night? Stressed

7.Your favourite drink? Hot Chocolade

8.Your dream/goal? Happy

9.What room are you in? Hobby

10.Your hobby? Creative

11.Your fear? Driving

12.Where do you want to be in six years? House

13.Where were you last night? Home

14.Something that you’re not? Drugged

15.Muffins? Please!

16.Wishlist item? Time

17.Where did you grow up? Finland

18.Last thing you did? Hoovered

19.What are you wearing? Red

20.Your TV? Seldom

21.Your pets? Plants

22.Friends? Some

23.Your life? Beginning

24.Your mood? Even

25.Missing someone? Him

26.Vehicle? Bike

27.Something you’re not wearing? Skiing boots

28.Your favourite store? Flea-market

29.Your favourite colour? Red

30.When was the last time you laughed? Today

31.The last time you cried? Weeks

32.Your best friend? Boyfriend

33.One place that I go to over and over? Work

34.Facebook? Booring

35.Favourite place to eat? Kitchen

No post without a picture on this blog-so here's a pretty plate I paid 10 cents for and a pretty red Mariskooli-imitation bowl that I bought recently;

This weekend plus monday and tuesday me and Mr Kitten are planning on doing a trip in our motor home, we may go to Turku. Anybody know any good places to find vintage? Now I need to keep packing...

3 kommentarer:

Betty Lou sa...

det är ju bimbo! fatet alltså, min mommo hade såna djupa fat, dom bästa. djupa fat görs inte så djupa längre

Bettie Booh sa...

Oh, jag har en likadan skål, fast blå =) Klänningen kom igår, jag har burit den hela dagen idag, passar perfekt förutom att knapparna åker upp då och då. Men det är lätt att fixa.

Och tack också för det fina julkortet jag fick, jag önskar dig detsamma och en trevlig helg =)

Kitten sa...

Betty Lou; Det är faktiskt alla dina fina porslinsfynd som inspirerade mig att handla ;) Kul att veta namnet också, tack!

Bettie Booh; Åh, det värmer att höra att klänningen passar! Hoppas du har massor av glädje av den i framtiden, trevlig helg!