December 17:th

I'm back from a well deserved long weekend away. Mr. Kitten drove our RV down to Aura on Saturday where we danced the night away to a fabulous big band. Really great music, made me wanna learn to jive and lindy hop and all sorts. I wore my new(=second hand) checked shirt, but with wide black trousers and not a skirt.

The next day we drove to Turku and spent the following two days walking around shopping centres and flea-markets. I didn't really buy much, just a pile of old photos that I may try to scan at some point, a simple top, two slips and a skirt that was way to big for me, which I'll try to alter. And a nice, almost cat shaped candle holder.

At work we're coming up to the busiest time of the year, and I'll pretty much be working non-stop until x-mas eve. Sigh. Oh, well it's only a week out of my life when I will have no life. Maybe I'll survive. Have a lovely holiday everyone if you don't hear from me in a while...!

6 kommentarer:

Bettie Booh sa...

Snygg är du, som vanligt =)

Mrs Munster sa...

Great looking outfit. I've always wanted to learn to jive properly. I went for few Leroc (jive & salsa) lessons and loved it. Just due to shift work didn't have the time to go there anymore :(

Little Rascal sa...

Love the outfit!

You HAVE TO learn how to Jive, it's so much fun!

Erika sa...

Supersnyggt! Förstår fullkomligt att det inte går att dansa i kjolen dock. Jag provade att dansa i min wiggle-skirt, och det väl ok, men ibland så sa kjolen helt plötsligt Stopp! till rörelsen. Lite överraskande så där mitt i ett steg... =)

Låter som en härlig semester! Och visst borde du lära dig lindy hop! Jive är säkert kul, men Lindy hop har ett enormt dansläger, i Sverige, varje sommar. =)
Ta hand om dig! Och tänk att snart tar julgalenskaperna slut och du får vila igen.


Kitten sa...

Bettie Booh; Nämen tack! :)

Mrs Munster; Thanks, and yup, shift work and weekly classes is very tricky :/

Rascal; Thanks, I am keeping my eyes open for a course!

Erika; Tack för omtanken och kramen! Nu är det bara 4 dagar kvar till lite ledigt...Kanske man kan komma på danslägret som total nybörjare i brist på kurser här i finland? ;)


Solanah sa...

Love the outfit!